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Sherrys' Bread Pudding

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My own recipe for, Bread Pudding... inexpensive and my favorite dessert .

Bread pudding ... is baked in bakeries throughout south louisiana.

A medium size baking pan. (No Cover)

Ingredients :

6 Egg Yolks ( save the egg whites for the topping )

Vanilla Extract 1 1/2 tsp.

Sugar ...to taste


Raisins 1 cup

2 cans Pineapple (chrushed ) or ( the chunks)

Bread (slices light toasted)

In pan... add , milk enough to fill half of pan.

In a small bowl , add 6 egg yolks , vanilla extract , and about 1/4 cup sugar. Hand whip those 3 ingredients together.

Pour mixed ingredients into the pan of milk. Stir good , until it is mixed in with the milk.

Add in .. pineapple and its juice, raisins, and mix into the milk. Stirring good into all areas of the pan.

Taste for the sweetness. You can add more sugar to the liquid if it is not sweet enough..


Toast slices of bread ....about 1/2 bread loaf.

Break toasted bread slices in pieces ,with your hand... medium to large pieces and add into milk .

Add enough toasted bread pieces to fill into the pan to where there is still a little milk, that you can see.

You might have to add more bread or use less.

Slow stir the bread evenly within the milk and other ingredients.


Bake in oven 350* ... After about 1 hr check it. ..or bake , until it is a cake form. Checking it with a fork in the center.

If it is too wet with the milk...allow more time to bake...until the center is done.

You want the pudding to be soft but, not too wet.

Remove from oven when done.

As it cools the bread will soak up some of the milk mixture .

With or without topping...it needs to be coved with foil and kept in the refrigerator


For a topping: ( optional)

Use electric mixer, on high speed .... add egg whites... in Sm.-Lg. size bowl.

Mix on high speed until it starts to get thick ;

add a little sugar into the whites .... mix until the whites are stiffened...it will peak with a fork .

Pour stiff topping over the bread pudding. With a fork spread to cover evenly over the pudding.

With the tip of fork make small upward peaks here and there with the white topping.

Bake topping , until slighly brown in oven - 350*

* Keep checking.... the topping until it is slightly brown ...here and there. Some of the peaks will be slightly brown, also.

Remove from oven and set aside . Can serve when warm.

When it cools off completely cover pan with foil...and keep in fridge. It is easier to cut after it has been in the fridge for about 2-3 hours.

Cut into square serving pieces.

After a few hours in the fridge... there might be some brown liquid drops on top ...this is syrupy from the sugar. Don't remove it...

it tastes great.

I enjoy mine very warm.

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