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Words In My Head

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:t2: Dear brother,

we have feelings and emotions,it is part of our humane nature..God gave us this nature and there is nothing wrong in "feeling" per se..but when pertains eternal matters,like the salvation of our soul,our eternal destiny..well,let me encourage in love NOT TO RELY on YOUR FEELINGS,BUT ON THE WORD OF GOD...and WHO better than JESUS HIMSELF to give you and me and every believer the greatest assurance?

Read and reread the gospel of John..let THE HOLY SPIRIT bring the comfort and assurance of ETERNAL SALVATION if you have believed in JESUS as your SAVIOUR..because that is what JESUS mainly is in relation to us ..THE SAVIOUR,and let me say it,HE SAVES and KEEPS HIS people..HE CANNOT FAIL because JESUS IS GOD..and if and when we fail...HE SUPPLIES strenght ....HE loves us with a perfect love and psalm 103 will encourage you and Romans 8...God bless you... :t2:

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