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Be Grateful

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Ok, I know this isn't a "christian" band or song, so mods if you think its innapropriate feel free to delete it, but I think its a song we as christians need to listen to. I think, we as christians in america-me included in this, have had a tendency to take things for granted as of recently, and we tend to complain about things that we really shouldn't, and this song really spoke to me that we need to be grateful for what we got-not just on thanksgiving, but any time. So here we go, the band The Farm performing Be grateful.


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Very Bibical

Thankfulness (To Jesus) Is IMO The True Heart Of Classical Country

Thank You For Posting This Little Touch Of Grace On This Special Day Of National Rejoicing

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    • By Heart2Soul
      So I actually participated with this topic on another forum and loved all the replies.....a good reminder to be thankful in all things.
    • By sermonindex
      Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. - 1 Peter 1:3

      Sometimes our life seems to spiritually become foggy and we lose sight of what really matters. Pressures, trials, circumstances come in like weeds crowding out the very purpose and reason why we exist. When we lose sight of the cross, when we begin to lose our desire to praise and thank the Lord, we can know that we are failing to really focus on the matter of first importance. Christ was the one that became flesh, who shared our humanity. He suffered and died, and God resurrected him. He is our hope, our sure foundation, our mighty fortress, our promise of eternal life. Our response must be praise, thanksgiving, a singing of hallelujah. As St. Peter opened his epistle with "praise" we should also begin each day with praise to our God.

      There is a wonderful chorus that goes: "Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Ha-Hallelujah, Ha-Hallelujah, Ha-Hallelujah, Ha-Hallelujah, Ha-Hallelujah." Take time even now while reading this short mediation to praise Jesus, He is longing for your adoration. Look again to the cross, see its beauty and glory. Glorify the risen saviour who paid so much for you. Thank Him who died for you. Heaven will be filled with praise and thanksgiving. God is looking for worshippers in the work of the Lord. It has been noted by godly men that we sing songs about God but our need is to sing worship to Him. Jesus deserves and desires this attention and focus. God alone our goal and sight. Look to Him today, take time to praise Him. This will be our heavenly occupation, enjoy it now.

    • By kwikphilly
      Blessings Brother & Sisters
          As I sit here day after day & scroll through the Worthy Welcome Forum & the newest member list I can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude,,,,,even when I see how may guests are reading on Worthy I must say "Glory to God'....
            God is continually drawing people to Himself,in their hearts,in their minds & in their very souls,,,,,He pours out His Spirit & leads each one to follow the footsteps of His Flock(Hey! That's us!!!)  This Ministry is Gods Blessing...........Here they come as we lead to the Shepherds Tent.......just one more reason to say 'Thank You Lord!!!"
           So remember,as if waking up this morning is not enough to Shout Praises to God,that we are truly Blessed,so be a blessing today & lead by example,,,,,,in Gratitude   It is,after all,a privilege & an honor to meet a Brother & Sister from across the seas or in other lands to give Glory to our Heavenly Father
            Welcome New Members to the Fold......Praise Jesus                                                  With love-in Christ,Kwik
    • By vanessa
      I just wanted to wish everyone a good thanksgiving and I hope you take joy in blessing our heavenly father for what he has blessed us.
    • By peacemakerIND
      My country is with 1350 millions people 1 350 000 000 people
      Muslims are more than 200 millions 
      Christians are 30 millions (including Catholics)
      Rest are Hindu and others
      Gospel reached to 50 millions to 60 millions only...
      Still need to give the gospel to to near 1300 millions 
      please remember in prayers