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The State of Facial Recognition

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There goes privacy. Imagine what would happen if they use this technology for commercial purposes. All your daily activities could be tracked to better advertise to you.


'They' already do use this technology and they do indeed use it for commercial purposes.   In Florida every single major theme park uses a fingerprint tracking device to scan their 'guests' before they pass the gates into their 'kingdoms'.  That's Bush Gardens, Disney, Universal you name it.  


What most tourists don't know is that this 'tracking' is completely unnecessary since they've already had to pass through a security checkpoint similar to those at all airports.


Another tidbit most tourists don't know is that the customer/guest can refuse to have their fingerprints scanned.   One can substitute a photoID such as a driver's license instead. Some of the droids at the scan stations don't know this and if the guest protests they call a manager who does.   It's also possible to slip through the scanner/turnstyle without being scanned or counted at all.


I know because I've done all this.   Is it dishonest to slip through the scan checkpoint?   Not if you've already bought and paid for your ticket.


I asked a fellow I know who works for Disney why they scanned fingerprints.  He said it was to track buying habits and activities.    But once you're inside Disney, or Bush Gardens or wherever you can't really buy anything or do anything the company hasn't already prepared for you to do.  Additionally every single ride has another checkpoint or turnstyle to count the number of people that use it.   So again I ask why scan fingerprints?


They don't scan mine because I won't let them.


But every single tourist guest I've ever seen meekly allows their identities to be stolen by the company.   No one protests and no one even asks why.

We are a nation of sheep and we deserve whatever happens to us.


and that's just me, hollering from the choir loft.....

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