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Poisons in Vaccines

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In 2011 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis and death

Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is financially backing and publicly endorsing mass polio virus vaccinations in India. In case you didn’t hear him yourself, Bill Gates publicly announced that vaccines could help reduce the world population by 15%.

Gates also proclaimed that every newborn should be registered for vaccinations immediately to assure the goal of 90% of the population getting vaccinated for his “century of the vaccination.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program in India was promoted as “The Last Mile: Eradicating polio in India.” The promotional video displayed numbers showing thousands of cases of polio in India decades ago, with the number of cases dropping to 42 by 2010. But it appears that wild polio virus stats have been traded for polio from vaccines and non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP).

In India, over 47,000 cases of NPAFP were reported in 2011. The paralysis symptoms of NPAFP are practically the same as what’s attributed to “eradicated” wild virus polio. Apparently, vaccine polio viruses also cause polio paralysis.

I'm guessing most people have no idea of whats actually in vacines, considering the fact that the medical world has never conducted a double blind study on the effects and long term effects of vaccination, I think I'll stick with the fact of the Amish, they are healthier than us all, even with the problem of interbreeding for so long

considering this, and that statistically very few people actually die from many things they are vaccinated for, such as chicken pox, whooping cough, measles and mumps, As for my family we chose the way of the Amish, and should we aquire any of these diseases and live we have real immunity in the future, not the short lived immunity vaccines can give, as they are always requiring more and more booster shots

I think their up to about 23 shots per person, I actually believe vaccines work! as alot of people who decide not to take them believe they don't, my problem is the long term effects, I think there isn't enough science done in the long term effects of the ingredients that are introduced into your body that would naturally NEVER get introduced

while the whole world is increasing in cancers and autism the rates of the same inflictions are not seen in Amish communities, maybe its just a God thing!

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