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The rule that never goes away

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First know before I get to this subject it is not a Biblical requirement to follow this rule I will share. But for Healthy living it is a good rule.

Remember when you were a kid and you went outside to play. Your mother could see how dirty you were. Your mom may have told you change your clothes. But even more important a golden rule in Health, she may have said make sure to wash your hands. Often parents give us a rule that we may no longer need in our life.

Washing your hands may sound like a childish order to an adult where one might say I already know that but actually even though we do know that some don’t wash their hands often enough. Clean hands to me is effective like a medicine. It works but not disease proof. It is a preventive but not a cure.

Most people are aware when the go to the rest room then wash your hands. But they may not think about it after going shopping. In all the places you may go and about you might be putting your hands on things. Let’s say for example you shopped at Albertson a store known in Calif. now you’re hungry after wards and go to Denny’s and get a Turkey sandwich and soup. Oops you picked up the sandwich.

Ok Jesus did tell us on the outside we are not dirty or unclean. In the walk of God dirty hands is “Not a Sin” Dirty hands is just a healthy life style.

But in my own personal life I have been cleaning my hands a lot. I even use those wet hand wipes at home often. I have not had the flu since the year 2000 almost thirteen years. I got a cold this year when Anna got this from Mark. She was in the same room. Well I did not say I was perfect. I could have told her to leave. But sometimes you know. Love is greater I enjoy her company.

I have other health conditions to see the doctors not really to a flu germs or infections. Most everyone I know has some kind of Health issue slight or severe if you however want to try to prevent flu a cold or especially something like MRSA remember what your mother told you. We are not little children anymore. In the eyes of God however we still are like children. Hey you can even sing a song like you’re in the shower when washing your hands. Just maybe you will be selected for a commercial of dish washing soap because of your nice clean hands. This all comes down to Danny Tanner from Full House the Clean Guy. OK now kids let’s wash our hands and now let’s go back to having fun.

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