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Miracles In the Midst

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Take a look at the stories taking place all about the Media sectors. Please remember however the media is geared to mainstream, including world Humanistic point of Views. Media has no room what the Bible has to say on any issue of the matter. They also don’t focus on heroic and good news stories many of us would wish to hear.

Why do they think we are always looking for disappointed, sorry horrible news? Why do we have to hear of the endless stories of Islamic even not pertaining to the interest of local readers? Do we need to know every story about Rape every shooting even just one losing their life?

Don’t get me wrong. This is not about omitting stories about the loss of someone’s life. But if you are a Christian please know that there is more going on that what mainstream media tells us. Will the media ever understand even in the midst of darkest places are that of good and great miracles of God?

I’ll give you an example a story arose in a tough neighborhood gang of 3 shot an innocent bystander. But 3 houses from there a woman on her way home from work saw a car lodged into a pile of snow. The woman went to a near by garage to find a shovel. It was then shoveled out. Did the media post this story? Certainly not. The lady in the car was seventy years old. She was alone with no help trying to get some groceries since she was very low.

It does not cross out the other story of the innocent person was shot. But it does cross out the woman who rescued the life of the old woman. You might not be aware but stuff like this happens all the time.

One needs to understand the very character and nature of God Himself just because God told us in Matthew 24 of the signs of the End times. It does not mean every story is a disaster. But please understand Jesus told us of these signs actually to bring us out of danger as much as we can. Because we who are more prepared will watch closely and make more perpetrations in these perilous times.

If one thinks God does not care anymore, or that God no longer does miracles, maybe it is partly because of the media. They make it sound like everything is dooms day. Remember 911? You could never get that off your TV set on any channel as though the whole nation was under war. But it was one major catastrophe in New York. Yet I in California witness still great things I thank God for that. Never before I had seen such a large number of people sitting along sidewalks with their candles in prayer. Never before did I so much notice the American flag. Actually some of the cars were giving me a right away as they had not much before. Because God can allow great things to occur even in the worst of times. And if we doubt this then we would certainly doubt the Bible itself.

Joseph was disowned by His Brothers and sold as a slave. How much worse can things get? Joseph had no more family to talk to and being in a land he does not know. But God found favor in Joseph who landed under the authority of the Pharaoh. The Bible lesson? For what that those intended for evil God had changed things to make them good for God’s purpose. Does anyone think it was a picnic for Joseph to be accused of seducing and thrown into prison? In the midst of this God used Joseph. Not only to unite his family but to prepare for the great seven year of famine.

What happened when Moses and the children of Israel fled from the Pharaoh? God caused a great cloud between them and his people and divided the Sea. Do you realize if God did not do this they would have all been killed or brought back to slavery again? . What about Hannah in 1 Samuel. She was barren. Year by year she continued to pray to God. Hannah never gave up. She did not give up because one said you are useless woman with no children.

God shows us over and over again disasters and circumstances failing in life that it will over take us. The Devil says to you. Certainly there is no hope for you. All is doomed. This is the voice of the Devil. Not GOD himself. God is able to do great things in bad circumstances.

Do not think this is Joel Osteen’s take on the Bible? This does not mean God is going to throw money in your lap. But because great miracles caused or allowed of God depends on all circumstances that is fitting and right to God’s purpose. Hannah asked for a child. Not money in her purse. To her this meant more wealth than a chest full of treasures. All she wanted to be was a mother of a child. Some seek to see with their eyes, some to hear with their ears and some to walk with their legs. This therefore is not the Gospel of Prosperity. But as John and Peter said in the Book of Acts We do not have silver or gold but what we have we will give to you. And they healed the crippled man to walk.

I make no promises to what miracles God allows in one life. God will choose what is fitting for you. You may ask why did not God heal me from this? Did you ever realize that perhaps if you are not healed you can testify to God who is also in the same situation you are in? They will say you can’t walk. Where is your hope? You tell them my strength is in God. They say where is your Blessing? You say God has provided for me each and every day. In fact I almost died and God saved my life. In this accident my head was spared. And I am alive to tell you. The Lord gives me strength I push this wheels ahead. People stare at me. They think I am without. But I know in God I have all what I need. Just know one day after all this woman will not only walk again she could do a sprint around the track over and over again when she receives the crown of Life.

Testing is part of what is being done to her. God has provided her needs. God has introduced her to some very nice helpful caring friends. She is well loved in her family. Is this not blessings? Sure it is. So we can’t assume money is what is meant alone by blessing. However sometimes money can be a blessing like those of Abraham had but not a required blessing from God. But if you do have money share it with others. It is a talent you can use.

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, shootings, and rape will continue around us. But let us not think that God has stopped His work. And do not think also you are out of play. Consider your role in God. How can you participate in God’s plan? What kinds of things does God do in the midst of crisis? How can we be helpful not only to ourselves but others around us who need our help? .

Just like Joseph God can help us in the famines in Life to help those around us. Because the Walk in God is not to us alone but it includes all of God’s people and looking out for those who also need to know God to live and work in their lives. Reach out and help someone. God will use you in His work. May you receive Blessings from the Lord through all these things.

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And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28


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