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Anybody in to making their own green home cleaning products?

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So far I have found pretty good recipes for laundry detergent , all purpose cleaner and the easy window cleaner of vinegar and water. Oh yes I also found a dish detergent for the dish washer but I haven't tried that one yet. I was looking for a vinyl cleaner for the car's dash and such.

Oh yes bopeep, I can remember how toxic those old oven cleaners were.

I have been noticing that everytime I would have a cleaning day at home the next day I would have headaches, sinus pain and just generally didn't feel well. I babysit my grandchildren and wonder what effects the cleaners were having on them.

I generally devote one day of my weekend for cleaning home and my best cleaning partners are scrubber, vinegar, shampoo and hot water :lightbulb2: . Cleaning is best activity as it keeps you fit and home in good shape. Never tried to make any product but will surely try to use my all cleaning experience

You're right , you can get in a good workout and with 2 grandbabies I get some weight training to boot.....lol

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