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Mystery Babylon - could it be Mecca / Dubai?

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I  typically take scripture literally if it can be taken literally, so, I would say the city with 7 hills is a real city with real hills.... but....


There is a movement among some Christians who are more aligned with Dominion theology called the 7 mountain mandate. Of course Dominion theology is a political theology which says the overcomers of the church are to take dominion of the world.


So what is the 7 mountain mandate? It is dividing out 7 categories that Christians are to work in, in order to influence or control what happens in those 7 spheres of influence. The main teacher of the group is Lance Walnau and he wrote a book '

Invading Babylon: The 7 Mountain Mandate Paperback
by Lance Wallnau (Author) , Bill Johnson (Author)
So, they, themselves view the 7 mountains, hills as a babylon.
These are the so called 7 mountains that believers are to seek to control, or influence.
Family, Religion, Government, Arts/Entertainment, Media, Education and Economy/Business.

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