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Miz KJV Only

God Has Done a Miracle Weight Loss for Me

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Miz KJV Only    23

God Has Done a Miracle Weight Loss for Me



In the last week of April, first week of May 2013 I started the Team No Sugar diet. I listened to the TV new reporter on channel 3 WBTV news. She said she lost 40 pounds in 3 months. So far, I have lost 30 pounds since 1st week of  May and it is now August 22nd


Team No Sugar diet is no processed cane sugar at all and no sweets or soda or juice that has sugar in it. No sugar is 85% of the diet plus no carbohydrates including no rice and no dairy products.


The diet is Team No Sugar diet is by Brigita Mack on WBTV.com channel 3 local news in Charlotte, NC.


I was 245 pounds and I’m now 215 pounds and still losing. Last week I was 220 pounds. I eat whatever meat and vegetable besides potatoes that I want. I eat all the salad and fruit I want. Instead of sugar I use artificial sugar packets. I drink water, hot tea, coffee and iced tea that I make with tea bags.


God is ALL behind this weight loss thingy because I been praying for it for years. AND…God had me home at the right time to see this on the TV news. If God wasn’t in it, I would still be around 250 pounds today. I have figured it out to be me losing 2 pound a week for the last 15 weeks!


Thank God, Thank you Jesus!!!

Miz KJV Only

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