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When you follow the money … you are ahead of the headlines!

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The Bible details how the 'love' of money is the root of all evil.

Oftentimes, when I'm analyzing the news, I'm paying attention to the world markets, because you can get an indication of what may take place in the very near future. It's the 'love of money' by the ultra-ultra rich that shakes markets because they simply move markets in a matter of minutes, getting in and out of markets before everyone gets a chance to move.

At the pit close in the oil markets on “no news” crude prices pressing against multi-month highs of $110 a barrel suddenly dropped $1.50 in the matter of minutes! Someone knows something!

Earlier today, AP reported that the evidence U.S. Officials have on Syrian use of chemical weapons is no longer a "slam dunk” case, despite the fact the U.S. Administration has been parading that action needs to be taken!

AP reported today, “The intelligence linking Syrian President Bashar Assad or his inner circle to an alleged chemical weapons attack is no "slam dunk," with questions remaining about who actually controls some of Syria's chemical weapons stores and doubts about whether Assad himself ordered the strike, U.S. intelligence officials say."

Later in the report it said the intercept of Syrian Military officials discussing the strike was amongst low-level staff, with no direct evidence implicating the Assad regime.

The evidence seems less than compelling and just moments ago, the Russians called for an emergency UN Security council meeting of its five permanent members which include the US, UK, France, China and Russia. The meeting is scheduled today at 2:30 PM.

It appears Putin is not folding, and could be calling someone's bluff! And so the chess match continues … I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting!

Until next time,

Your brother in the Lord with much agape love,


Click here to read the entire article. If you have any thoughts or comments, please place them on the blog!

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