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Relationship Healing/Restoration

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Please pray for my girlfriend Angel and I. My girlfriend Angel and I haven't talked to each other in about a week. I am not to sure what is going on with us. Things were going good between us as far as I knew before Angel moved. After Angel moved I tried to hang out with her at times, but Angel kept telling me that she was busy and didn't have time to see or hang out with me. Angel does have 3 kids and recently hurt her arm and shoulder having her arm in a sling. Angel has told me that she does care about me, that I am a wonderful guy and that she wants to work things out between us. Lately it seems like she is either to busy or doesn't want to hang out with me. I have been for the past week trying to give her some space and only sent her an email apologizing for possibly being a little to pushy maybe and bothering her by trying to hang out with her and find out what's going on. I do like and care about her a lot and would like things to work out with her. I know that 2 of her kids have said that they don't have a problem with me and that it doesn't bother them when I am over their house visiting. Yes, Angel could be busy, but I find it a little hard to think that for the past couple weeks to a month that she is so busy that she can't find anytime to hang out or let me come over and visit for at least 15 minutes. I would like for us to be in an open, honest relationship and have it work out. I also know that her kids father doesn't care for me and has complained about me to Angel. I know her kids don't like to listen to well and her oldest daughter is a little bit of a problem child. Please pray for healing for Angel, her kids and I. Pray that our relationship can be mended and saved from falling apart. That we can get through the storms and trails in our life together. Also, that we can be open and honest with each other. Pray that Angel will start showing more that she does care and want to be with me like she says she does. Pray that I can be patient and give Angel the space she needs. That Angel can get the help she need with her kids as well. that Angel and I can become one flesh together with Jesus at the center of our relationship together.

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Welcome Jay ... just a note to let you know that I moved this to the prayer forum where it will be seen by our prayer warriors.  You can still reply here.


God Bless,


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    • By JB87
      Ok. Here's the story. Just yesterday I was presented with a request from my Sister in Law and my brother's homosexual partner that I contribute to a combined gift to my parents for Christmas. Wooden cutout display thing that represents our 'families'. I said I don't know about this, ask my husband, it will come down to cost. Then I was told don't ask my husband its not his parents he will say no. My husband and I discuss things together and budget etc. We are transparent with each other with expenses. My problem with this gift is not so much the waste of money, but that the present would represent a homosexual relationship as appropriate, celebrated, worthy of acceptance etc etc. My mother is a christian, but it seems she has accepted this relationship of my brother's as appropriate. I personally dislike this pressure. I feel like I have been made to feel guilty, as I did not provide an agreement to this "ASAP" request. Someone please tell me, how can I put this aside this Christmas? I feel really quite uncomfortable that I have let them down. But I also feel awful for the abusive comments in the Facebook group message from my sister in law and brother's partner. I also feel like I will be judged on the value and worthiness of the gift that I give my parents. Any advice on putting aside this and how to put my attention into the Christmas family gathering? I'm really starting to dread facing those I have seemingly upset. 
    • By Michael37
      I was about to title this thread "Dynamic Relationship Interaction", but I was prompted in the Spirit to symplify it to "An Interesting Challenge", which is what dynamic relationship interactions are to me.
      Basically the word "dynamic", from the Greek dunamis,  is synonymous with "power", so it is the power of relationships at work that I am referring to as an interesting challenge. 
      Key Verse: Romans 12:18
      …17Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Carefully consider what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone. 19Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”…
      Berean Study Bible Where it says "If it is possible" the phrase is translated from the Greek word dunatos,  which signifies having power or ability.
      Recently I have found the cummulative lack of empathy one of my friends manifests when we meet up and fellowship as brothers in Christ, an irritating problem.
      Firstly, please empathise with me before coaching me on how to handle this situation. Secondly, please be aware that I do pray and intercede for those I fellowship with, and as much as I have the dunamis to live at peace with them and keep on forgiving I do just that.
        What I am hoping is that, for our mutual edification, others will respectfully share thoughts and stories about the challenges of relating to irritating brothers and sisters in Christ.
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      Hi, I'm Rycee. I'm 20 years old, from the UK. This year's been pretty rough and I've been wanting to go to church for months, but reluctant to join one since I relocate a lot, so I thought I'd try this out instead. Any career/marriage advice is appreciated, thanks 🙂
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      Hi, I am praying for restoration of my marriage, we are divorced legally...But I feel like God is telling me to still trust him,and he'll restore us...but My husband says there is no hope for us and he's moved on...Ive been praying for whatever Gods will is that he would light my path, but i feel so lost...and unanswered, I dont know what else to do...I just want to know that God hears me...and he cares and prayer works- thats all....Can someone, anyone please pray with me.
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