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Top 10 Technologies That Will Become Obsolete In The Near Future

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Top 10 Technologies That Will Become Obsolete In The Near Future


The more you think about it, the more you realize that the world is moving at a rather fast pace. Just think about the tech behind computers when your parents were born and the fact that nowadays, any smartphone is ten times more advanced than the first PC prototypes.


Who could actually predict what will happen in the next 50 years accurately, considering the popularity of tablets and groundbreaking mobiles only began a few of years ago? In the light of these facts, I cannot help but wonder, just how soon the technologies people use today will become obsolete. Let’s examine the top ten of them that seem to be on their last legs.


1. Landline phones

If you were to analyze the statistics, you would notice that many households have already given up on their landline phone. Since almost all members of the family have a mobile phone with them at all times and can be reached easily, having a landline counterpart makes no sense anymore. It’s just an extra utility bill you do not really use, but have to pay at the end of the month. Furthermore, nowadays you have more convenient and not to mention cheaper alternatives to that, namely VoIP services and mobiles communication devices. 

2. Personal printers

Ten years ago, nobody could imagine getting a personal computer without purchasing a printer as well. Without denying the fact that the printer is still very useful for both personal and commercial purposes, it is necessary to mention that the plug-in printers will soon make way for the wireless and communal printers. The main indicator for this change stems from the decreasing demand and popularity of the desktop computers as opposed to the growing dominance of laptops.


3. Phone numbers

Truth be told, most people still remember the number to their parents’ house even today. However, at the same time, people don’t bother with remembering or dialing other numbers when it is so simple to tap somebody’s name in the contact menu. Furthermore, the various VoIP services today allow you to make calls by simply accessing the other person’s username. Therefore, it is believed that in the future people will be asking for a person’s user ID rather than their phone number.


4. Hard drives

Once the SSD drives were launched on the market, it marked a point of no return for the spinning magnetic hard drives. While it is true that they are currently more expensive and are unable to store as much data as the HDDs, there are clues indicating that this won’t be a problem in the near future. The second blow that the HDDs took in the past few years was the advent cloud storage technology. Cloud storage is even better than SSD, since you will no longer have to invest in physical space and essentially, you will be paying a lot less for the same storage space.


5. Movie theaters

It’s funny, but the demise of the movie theater has been predicted a long time ago when the first TV sets became available on the market. It could be nostalgia, but the reason why they are still around resides in the fact that few things can compare with seeing your favorite movie on a large screen. However, with the 3D feature becoming more affordable and accessible, the HD TVs presence in most homes and since some studios have begun to release on-demand screening online, it is easy to understand why the era of the movie theaters is coming to an end. In addition, it is much more cost effective on long term to invest in a home theater system than taking your entire family out for a movie each weekend.


6. Fax machines

In all honesty, the only reason why companies are still using fax machines in an age when email and instant messaging software reign supreme is the signatures. To put it simply, if you are applying for a loan online, then your application will not be accepted unless you send the document with your signature on it. Well, not for long anyhow, since nowadays you can also use a touch device that permits you to enter your handwritten signature. In addition, let’s not forget that more and more businesses are accepting electronic signatures.


7. CRT television sets

Primetime television used to be massive a few decades ago, when families gathered to watch a movie, sports event or the news together on their brand new CRT TV. In my opinion, the past dominance of the television is what actually helps it survive these days. However, considering that the vast majority of shows are currently available for a minimum sum or even for free on the internet anytime and anywhere you like, already makes the old CRT TV sets obsolete.


8. Optical disks

Considering the convenience and reliability provided by cloud storage, the only reason why you can still find data on optical disks nowadays is because they are the only source of very rare movie/album you can’t find on the internet. Yet, this is not going to last for more than ten more years tops, given the popularity and growth of downloadable and streaming media services.


9. The PC’s mouse

Even though pointing devices such as the mouse or the touchpad may not disappear completely, all trends indicate that they will become the secondary input methods users prefer for their devices in the next few of years. In case you did not know, Microsoft already embedded this feature into Windows 8: even if they are not forcing you to use touch control, the user interface can support this tech.


10. Dedicated cameras

The dedicated camera and camcorder industry is constantly taking more and more hits with each new smartphone model released. More often than not, people tend to carry their camera with them when they think they will take pictures and that creates some inconveniences. On the other hand, people are always carrying their smartphone with them so they always have a good camera to snap a picture with whenever they want. In addition, the mobile phone permits you to upload or send the picture right away, a feature that dedicated cameras cannot really compete with right now.





Thoughts? Do you agree with the 10 items listed above? Anything else you think will no longer be used in the near future?

God bless,


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some yes, landlines sure, maybe the printers. However, being in the computer industry as I am, some wont. Such as hard drives. Theyve been saying that theyre going to die since the SDD came out-but they haven't yet. Lets face it, the SDD drives are great, I have one myself, but theyre expensive-for what you get, small, 240 gig drives are over 3 figures while you can buy 3 terabyte standard drives for 70-80 bucks. That price point alone, limits whos going to be buying the SDD.Which goes to my next point, the desktop computer. Theyre not going out of style-the markets just changing. The average user, sure is using the laptops and tablets more for their portability, but the technology these days, and the gaming, has increased the demand for custom, home build desktops. And theres various stages of gamer, and a lot of gamers dont have a unlimited budget-so they often go for the larger, standard hard drives, while the SSDs are only being used by the enthusiasts-and they, even arn't giving up on them. Many of them have a setup like me-they use a SSD drive as their boot drive, and then take 2 or more regular hard drives and put them together in a RAID array for storing files. That way they get the performance of the SSD but along with a far larger storage capacity-because after all if all your looking for is music and pictures, a standard hard drive is plenty fast.


I dont see movie theatres going out. I really don't TVs have been around for awhile, but lets face it, your TV isn't as big as a house and chances are you dont have a multi-thousand dollar sound system in your home either. Sure, this stuff isn't "necessary" to watch a movie, but people think it is.


Phone numbers no. Maybe our id of them now, but there will still be numbers, even if they go to a "user name select" every electronic device has a number. Your computer has one. your phone has one. its how other devices see and communicate with your number. all it will do is make it so you cant see the number and don't have to dial it.


Mice may disappear for the common user, but not for the enthusiast. Gamers need mice.


I thought CRT tvs were already dead.


cameras again, depends on the market. dedicated cameras still are better then smartphone cameras, and while phone cameras are usually pretty good, theyre not good enough for a enthusiast. For the common person dedicated cameras may disappear-for someone who truly enjoys the art of the photography, the "gamer" of the camera world, dedicated cameras will live on.


So in my opinion the market may change but some of these technologys wont die, just change.

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I still have and or use most of those lol

We still have a crt tv, and a landline, fax and printer. In fact I print off alot of my studies in case I might have to drop being online if or when the economy tanks.

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My personal computer is a custom computer, all of its parts come from different companies -- but when we put it all together it worked just fine.

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1. Landline phones. We don't have a landline phone. Haven't had one in about 3-4 years.

2. Personal printers. We still have a printer.


3. Phone numbers. I don't think phone numbers are going away.

4. Hard drives. Not sure about hard drives but many thumb drives today (60gb) can hold as much some laptops/pc's just 5-10 years ago.

5. Movie theaters. I'd disagree that these will go out of style. People like the idea of watching a show on a large screen, with popcorn, drinks, nachos, etc.

6. Fax machines. I'd agree that eventually electronic signatures will make fax machines obsolete.

7. CRT television sets.
Yeah I’d agree with Pat. I thought those were already obsolete?

8. Optical disks. I’d say the Cloud will eventually be the standard. How long that takes who knows… But I’d say we’re definitely headed that way.

9. The PC’s mouse. I don’t think the mouse will ever be obsolete. Touchscreen is not practical for some things like gaming and graphics design IMO.

10. Dedicated cameras. We have an 8 mega pixel digital camera we’ve rarely used in about a year. Instead we use our iPhone 4s’s with 8 mega pixels. It’s about the same quality. The only great feature of the digital camera is the delayed 10 second picture that can be taken for a family photo if propped up. I do think that digital cameras such as the Cannon Rebel or Sony SLT type cameras will continue to be used.

I think I'd add to this list…

11. Books/bookstores (sad about this one), Barnes and Nobles has closed many stores and I believe will continue to do so.


12. Newspapers, I think with the online and social media community growing this will be a thing of the past.


13. Camcorders, I think the Cannon Rebel or Sony SLT type cameras will replace this outdated technology.


14. Movie Rental Stores, read Blockbuster and other brick & mortar rental places... Too hard to compete with Netflix and Redbox IMO.

God bless,


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To be honest, I have mused more than once over the that movie theatres (# 5) are still alive and kicking.  Between rentals and now Netflix and the astronomical cost of a ticket and snacks, I would have expected theatres to have gone the way of the old drive In theatres.


There is something about a theatre,though.  It is where most dates take place (not that I would know). Dinner and a movie are two things that I am given to understand remain date-night staples. 


I can imagine that in ten years, the technology landscape will look completely different than it does now.  I remember when electronic typewriters, VHS and cordless telephones were all the rage.


By the way...   Did you know that you can actually date the age of modern movies for the last by 20 years by size and type of the cellphone they show people using?

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Well, I live in a family of five people, but my older sister moved out of our house and she is married and she does not live with us anymore. She lives with her husband in his house.


I still live with my parents in their house and they have some technology.


There are four computers in our house and I get to use one,


We have electric box fans to cool us off when we are hot,


a stove to cook our meals on and in,


a dryer to dry our clothes,


a washing machine to wash our clothes,


a dishwasher to wash our dishes in,


a landline phone to call people (and yet we all have our own cell phones too),


we have an electric juicer to make juice drinks with,


an electric blender to blend fruits and vegetables with,


we have electric blankets upstairs to keep us warm at night,


we have an electric can opener to open cans with,


blow-dryers to dry our hair with when we wash it,


radios to listen to music with (this is how I know about radio talk-show hosts),


a TV to watch television with (this is how I learned about Yugioh and Pokemon),


and we have other technology lying around the house but I forget what they are all called.


My little sister is an independent web developer, she uses computers every day and she has taught me how to burn songs on blank CDS that can play music. She is more technical than I am.


She impressed me by building entire computers from scratch, so she has knowledge of their hardware. She has her own laptop as well as her own personal computer and when she gets up every day she goes over and does some work on her laptop.


Having your own computer gives you access to the Internet which means free browsing time.


We used to have three landline phones, one downstairs and two upstairs but we got rid of two of them and now we only have one landline phone.

Edited by Skillet1

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this is neat to know....i can see landline phones disappearing, (i have both landline and cellphone). The others well, it goes with new techie stuff, always improving, always changing, nothing stays the same anymore. Communication is always a great thing!

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Actors. (Technology will make them obsolete)


CGI is getting so good, and the technology is advancing so fast that in the next 10 years or so we won't have a need for them.


Manned aircraft. Drones will soon fly us. It's already happening in some ways with new commercial aircraft that can land themselves without assistance.

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