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Learning To Lean

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I had a wonderful time last night.  My sister in the Lord Kiwk called me from her home in Florida to my home in California and for the next two hours we shouted, and praised and worshiped our Jesus.  We were 3000 miles apart yet we were at the very throne of God Himself.  We spoke of all the things He has done for us in our lives.  Healing's not just physically but of broken hearts and spirits.  We knew He was able to do it all and we thanked Him for all of it.  We agreed that the first words out of our mouths in the morning were to be praises for waking us up, for keeping our hearts beating and for standing watch over us all night, not letting the enemy to come within even shouting distance of us.


We talked about eagles and we understood why God wants to give us wings as eagles.


An eagle has a wing span of about 10 feet.  It is a powerful bird and a smart one.  When as eagle encounters a storm it does not battle the storm, it allows the storm to carry it to safety by pitching it's wings just right until it catches the currents of that violent storm and then it relaxes, before long they break into the sun because they know that where the sun is there is safety.  It will sore for hours in the light until the storm passes by.


This is where the learning to lean comes in.  We have a tendency to fight and battle until we are exhausted and crushed.  When all we have to do is fall back into the arms of our loving Savior and let Him carry us through the storm.  In other words we lean on Him and His promises to never leave us of forsake us, and know that He has already won the war for us. 


I hope this has helped someone out there who is in the battle now.  They never seem to end, we get through one and then another comes up.  We just have to remember that He will carry us through all of them and we realize that indeed there is safety in the Son.  


Because He Lives!  Rustyangel

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