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Howdy! I'm New!

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Hello everyone!


I am excited to share my questions and expertise with fellow Christian believers.  I always knew ‘what’ God was not really ‘who’ he was until about a year ago.  After full submitting to God and formally receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, things could not be better.  What Jesus did for us on the cross is beyond our finite and human comprehension and deserves infinite thanks by obedience to God.


Over the last 2 years I have not only been studying the Word of God in depth but also the side of the Bible that does not get very much attention, demons and demonology.  I have been reading authors such as Gerald Brittle (covered a lot of cases by Ed and Lorraine Warren), Merrill Unger, Malachi Martin, Kris Vallotton, G.P. Haggart, Francis Frangipane among others


Glory be to God!


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xchristine    9

Your studies sound so interesting!! :) I hope to read more about them here on the forums soon! 

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