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    • By marita
      Hello everyone, 
      So when I ask about who wrote the bible, people give me different answers. But who actually wrote it? I believe so much wisdom could not come from men alone 
    • By DaughterOfAKing
      I'll try to make this as brief as possible.
      A little under two years ago, I started talking to a colleague at work. At first, I was just simply attracted to his appearance but the more we started talking, the more my feelings developed. He comes from a Catholic background, he goes clubbing, drinks and he smokes marijuana. I can always resist the temptation to go clubbing (or pubbing should I say) but when I have been invited and I know he'll be there, I'll instantly agree to tag along. I left my job, the autumn of last year, he attended my leaving do and we were inseparable for the night, outside in the smoking area (I don't smoke by the way), next to each other in photos and on the dancefloor. 
      I secured and left three positions after this job in question but I ended up returning to this same company office, a little over a week ago. The only difference is, I am now working in another department. My main problem is, I cannot stop thinking about him, he is constantly on my mind. I'm a little confused, I understand that God has a reason for everything he does but I don't understand why/how I ended back at the same company for my crush to resume. 
      I understand that we must not be unequally yoked, in my mind as I am sure some believers have been in my position, I'm hopeful that he his relationship with God will blossom. I'm about 75% sure that the feeling is mutual (maybe not to my extent but there is some certainty he may feel the same way) I have prayed on it but what else should I do?
    • By Kirk341345
      How does the Church balance Truth and Love in a way that we do not allow tolerance to take presidence over Biblical truth?
    • By FollowerOfTheWay
      We can see that Jesus walked the way of love. I believe he wanted us to do the same, maybe because love is the key to heaven. I believe Jesus tried to show us that key. It is rational, if heaven is a place full of love. So you must have the key of love, that to say; you must have love in your heart, as God see into your heart and is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). So it doesn´t matter what person you are: if you do not have love in your heart, there is no way you can get into heaven. Maybe Christians make it into heaven by faith which turns the spark of love in their heart? But isn´t love the ultimate purpose why Jesus came to Earth? Jesus set an example, and we shall follow...