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LOW _ Sodium Diets

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I've seen most of the dietary subject's covered but this one...

So I thought that perhap's i'd throw my hat into this particular ring

since this is something that many of us deal with on a day to day basis myself included.


When i was first diagnosed with HBP ( Hypertension). My Dr. at the time

 basically said,"here take this & keep a journal for 3 months, taking you're  blood pressure morning and night, and i'll see you in 3 months"


Now not having a clue what this mean't, i didn't know what my dietary needs would be, once I figured out that salt was a no no, and that my sodium intake was only to be between 1500mg and 2500mg a day, I thought ok, now all i need to do is eat low sodium stuff....good in theory


So i began getting low-sodium soups ect....Wrong again...That can of soup may say 800mg of sodium..BUT that's per serving....1 can has 2 1/2 servings....So do the math, This means that can has 2000mg of sodium..who are these people feeding barbie??..LOL


So I became a "Label" Reader, in doing this i have found some wonderful suprises.. for example did you know that "Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners" have low sodium options....Read the labels....

these little delights run between 370mg and 700mg of sodium per dinner! and their good!!! these low-sodium options also come in the frozen bowls!!!..if you're busy or just having 1 of those day's..these are a quick go to.


When you're shopping for you're groceries, look for the "NO SALT ADDED" versions and read the labels.


Say hello to you're new little friends.....

No Salt added ketchup

Look for Low Sodium Mustards

Mayonaise.. they run  about the same usually in the 100mg per tablespoon range.

Aminos( soy sauces answer to No salt soy sauce)

Worchestershire Sauce or as we call it at my house "whass-dis-here-Sauce"..LOL)..I haven't found one yet.....

and this is a gold mine!!!



Salad dressings..no dice so far...except make my own....


Please feel free to add Questions and helpful information yourselves!

You're input is valued and important for us all, even if those reading this thread don't have HBp,perhap's they have a friend or loved one that is dealing with HBP and need this information.


GBU All!!


Recipe for Salad dressing.

Olive oil

Lemon juice

No Salt

Cracked black pepper

Amount's run according to how much you make.

2 parts Olive Oil to 1 part lemon juice

A pinch of No Salt

Pepper to you're taste


This is the basic recipe, you can add things like fresh Garlic,Dehydrated Vegetables, onion.....this for example makes a pretty good italian dressing.

just use you're imagination.


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I was thinking of starting a thread on this, having just gotten out of the hospital after an 11 day stay - I have no idea what that will end up costing me. I have, it turns out, congestive heart failure - hypertension has damaged my heart as well - basically, I need to perfect a diet that will help get my blood pressure under control, so far, medications (9 per day) since the hospital, have not achieved a single day of proper blood pressure readings.


Having looked around for several weeks, exploring dietary options, I have decided to try a modified version of the DASH diet. If/when I make any decisions and progress, I will likely find a way to add recipes and diet tricks - making them available for those trying to manage blood pressure. I might have to do this on another website, since doing it on a thread opens it up to input from everyone - a nice concept, but  we have a lot of posters who get sucked into myths and insist on republishing them, being unable to distinguish facts from nonsense.


What do you all think?

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These are going to be your worst enemy:

1.Canned soups,bouillions

2.Canned beans

3.Most frozen prepared meals.



6.Snack foods such as pretzels,chips

7.Pickled foods

Always read labels very carefully.You will probably be shocked at what is loaded with sodium.

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First I want to say,That i'm so very sorry to hear this!!!,You are in my prayer's!!!

slowly but surely i'm getting my HBP under control,The suggestion's that I'm making in this thread

are tried and true, I won't post anything that I don't use daily myself,This Thread is mean't to help and Heal.

For anyone reading this Thread,Please use disgression with what you post,AS I believe that Omegaman bring's a very VALID point to this discussion!


I want to Thank you Omega for sharing you're personal journey with us all!


bopeep, My Dear sista,I want to Thank you also for you're input here, and you my dear are quite right!


I have found way's around some of these pitfal's i'm happy to say!!!


as far as soup's go....make your own!!..where the recipe call's for salt..use NO SALT Substitute.

Where the recipe call's for bouillion......HERB OX makes No Sodium bouillion!!! ..I use it all the time!!

It comes in chicken and Beef!!




I love her lemon pepper seasoning..She has many different types of seasonings,If your local grocery stores don't carry what you want go to her web site!!!


If it's gravy you want, use the ole chef's trick , equal amount's of butter and flour.

use sweet creme butter instead of salted butter, use the NO SALT instead, mash this mixture together, here you can use low - sodium stock (usually 400mg's of sodium per 1 quart carton)

or you can use HERB OX NO SODIUM BOUILLION and water.

mix this together,whisking until combined and smooth over medium heat.....did you know that canned or jarred gravy has 300mg's of sodium per half cup!!!!


as for bean's ...buy dried bean's and cook them yourself!!...get your favorites,cook according to package directions..never ever salt your bean's while there cooking, it makes them tough....once there done use the NO SALT.....make them in advance and then freeze them in batches for quick use in soup's and stew's....garbonzo bean's make great hummas!!..and you can find either no salt, or very very low sodium crackers or chip's, just look for them and read the label's.. i would suggest no more then 110mg's of sodium  per 20 or so chip's!!! this makes great snack food!!

And while were on the subject of of great snack foods,UTZ makes potato chip's that come in at a whaaping 5mg's of sodium per 20 chips!!


now let's more onto cheese....if you like swiss cheese then your in luck....again read the label's..because some brands will have more sodium then other's....the one I use is wegman's store brand, it comes in at a whaaping 50mg's of sodium per slice!!

most deli or cold cut's are a big no no!!..here make your own.....roast off a turkey breast, slice it thin once cold and tadaaahhhh!!..LOL( and you thought i was gonna suggest a 40 step process..LOL)

play with the flavoring...like lemon pepper,or perhap's chili powder and cumin..use your imagination!!


greek yogurt can be your buddy as well..here again read the label....if it comes in at 95mg's of sodium per cup(2cup container)..you have several option's here....use 1/2 cup of yogurt add fresh or frozen fruit and just mix it in.....again great snack!!..or breakfast..you can also make cheese out of greek yogurt,, did you know that and it's easy!!get a small mesh strainer put cheese cloth or even paper towel's in the strainer..add the yogurt cover with the paper towel's, place over a bowl, let it drain over night and tadaahh!! Cheese!!


Oatmeal is also a great option add raisins(did you know that raisin's are great for HBP!!...well they are, as well as apples!!)..raisin's use about 60 a day....

Tuna can make a good sandwich option..again READ the label's as most tuna in the can run's between 250mg and 300 mg's of sodium per half a cup of tuna add 1 tsp (teaspoon) mayonnaise and add another 100 mg's of sodium to this..now let's talk about bread.....

Read the label's!! most run 105mg's of sodium per slice if not more....now add 210mg's of sodium to that tuna sandwich and it comes in at 550mg's of sodium...you have to pick you're battles here...Ezekiel Bread has a no sodium bread!!..look for it. this drop's your sodium count back down to 350mg's of sodium....


I like nissin foods BIG NOODLE CUP..this will feed 2 people, but the reason i like it ,is simply this, the seasoning pack comes seperate!!.....so i throw that out, use HERB OX SODIUM FREE BOUILLION and my luch still only comes in at 550mg's of sodium..not bad!!

another option here is cook up the Nissin soup, once done pour into a pan, add whatever vege's you like,left over turkey or chicken and you've got a hearty meal!!..your sodium intake 0mg's!! (now remember veges do have natural sodium in them!!) here again read the labels....DON"T JUST TAKE THE NO SALT ADDED ON FACE VALUE!!....or just cook up some fresh veges..here again your gonna


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Ok I'm back as promised..LOL

My work around to this recipe is this this,buy alread ground beef or pork....I go for the lean ground pork here!..not pork shoulder or butt !!


You can play with the spices to make the sausage taste the way you want it to!!

just dump all the ingredient's into a bowl and mix together like you would meatloaf.




seeyou don't have to deprive your self of flavor or great food!!





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I knew i had seen a recipe for Eziekel  Bread that our dear Bro DanL had put in the recipe section (page #2)..Please read His whole thread!


Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel 4:9
"Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side.

Okay, I have experimented with these ingredients and have come up with a pretty appetizing bread. Here’s the recipe:

You can buy millet and spelt already ground into flour at most food co-ops. The beans, barley, and lentils you will have to grind yourself. I have a food grinder, designed for grinding corn. You will have to grind the barley, beans, and lentils three times, tightening the adjusting nut each time. Even so, these grains will be somewhat gritty as it is very difficult to achieve a fine powder. (Tip—I have had the best luck grinding great northern beans. Navy beans are gummy and impossible to grind)

Grind one-half cup beans, one cup lentils, and one cup barley. Mix all together and grind two more times, tightening nut after each grind.
Add two cups whole wheat flour, one cup ground millet, and one cup ground spelt.
Mix together.

This is your base mixture. You can make bread form it, but it will be quite dense.

I add high protein white bread flour to this to make it more palatable.

The quality of bread flour varies by brand. I recommend “Dakota Maid”

To make the bread, put the following in a glass bowl:
10 oz water
2 ounces olive oil
one teaspoon salt (okay, use Kosher if you want)
one teaspoon lemon juice (yes, the stuff in the bottle is okay)

Heat all this up in the microwave for about 3 minutes until it just boils. Then, take it out and quickly add one cup of the base mixture. Stir it up with a fork until it turns into porridge.

Making this “porridge” softens the grains and makes the bread a lot less gritty. It’s a pain, but a necessary step.

Let the porridge cool until its less than your body temp. Okay, that might be hard to figure out. Ummm-okay, if the porridge is too hot, it will kill the yeast. So, let it cool until you can stick your finger in it without saying, “Ooo, that’s hot.” Go for warm. Cooler than a cup of coffee. Lukewarm. Tepid

Once tepid, get a rubber spatula and transfer the porridge to your bread machine. Add three cups bread flour and one tablesoon of yeast. (Buy your yeast at the food co-op in bulk. Its waaaay cheaper than the stuff in the grocery store and waaay better. Engage the “dough” cycle.

This will knead it and rise it the first time That takes about 90 minutes.

Once risen, punch down, form into a loaf, put into loaf pan and let rise second time. This takes about two hours.

After two hours, heat oven to 400 degrees and bake for 18 minutes. Check carefully after 15 minutes or so.
Or, my family greatly enjoys Ezekiel flat bread.

Instead of forming into loaves, break off hunks slightly smaller than a racquet ball, roll into ball, and flatten into patties about 3/8 inch thick. You should get nine or ten. Let these rise for two hours and cook on electric griddle set at 400 degrees. Cook both sides till nice and brown. The flat bread is yummy.

With the protein from the beans and lentils, the vitamin C from the lemon juice, and the wonderful things honey does for you, this bread probably contains everything you need to live on. ( I am not a doctor, that’s just a guess.)

You can use less bread flour and more Ezekiel base if you want. I’ve only been making this for about two months, so any further experimentation is a good thing. I have not tried red beans, black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans….etc. The Bible does not specify the exact bean. One thing I do know is that you do not want to use too many beans in the base mix. (You’ll note beans are the smallest proportion in the base mix) Too many beans won’t hurt the flavor, but it will make you less popular in public, if you know what I mean.

God bless all!

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Blessings Sis!...

      Didn't we have a very similar discussion to this one a while back?Even about Ezekial Bread! I do believe I suggested 2 very good books for you & anyone else that would like to get their body running at peak performance.........the Makers Diet by Dr Jordan Ruben & Blood Types,Body Type and You by Joseph Christiano(both for the Christian ,written by Christians)

                                                                                                                       With love-in Christ-,Kwik

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Please.....tell me I can eat salt and then just exercise enough to sweat it all out!    :help: 

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 Yes we did and you're input was awsome!!

Ican't Thank You enough!!!





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LOL , unfortunately it doesn't work that way..... :secret-talk:



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