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Just thought you'd like to know

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I've seen most of the dietary subject's covered but this one...

So I thought that perhap's i'd throw my hat into this particular ring

since this is something that many of us deal with on a day to day basis myself included.


When i was first diagnosed with HBP ( Hypertension). My Dr. at the time

 basically said,"here take this & keep a journal for 3 months, taking you're  blood pressure morning and night, and i'll see you in 3 months"


Now not having a clue what this mean't, i didn't know what my dietary needs would be, once I figured out that salt was a no no, and that my sodium intake was only to be between 1500mg and 2500mg a day, I thought ok, now all i need to do is eat low sodium stuff....good in theory


So i began getting low-sodium soups ect....Wrong again...That can of soup may say 800mg of sodium..BUT that's per serving....1 can has 2 1/2 servings....So do the math, This means that can has 2000mg of sodium..who are these people feeding barbie??..LOL


So I became a "Label" Reader, in doing this i have found some wonderful suprises.. for example did you know that "Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners" have low sodium options....Read the labels....

these little delights run between 370mg and 700mg of sodium per dinner! and their good!!! these low-sodium options also come in the frozen bowls!!!..if you're busy or just having 1 of those day's..these are a quick go to.


When you're shopping for you're groceries, look for the "NO SALT ADDED" versions and read the labels.


Say hello to you're new little friends.....

No Salt added ketchup

Look for Low Sodium Mustards

Mayonaise.. they run  about the same usually in the 100mg per tablespoon range.

Aminos( soy sauces answer to No salt soy sauce)

Worchestershire Sauce or as we call it at my house "whass-dis-here-Sauce"..LOL)..I haven't found one yet.....

and this is a gold mine!!!



Salad dressings..no dice so far...except make my own....


Please feel free to add Questions and helpful information yourselves!

You're input is valued and important for us all, even if those reading this thread don't have HBp,perhap's they have a friend or loved one that is dealing with HBP and need this information.


GBU All!!


Recipe for Salad dressing.

Olive oil

Lemon juice

No Salt

Cracked black pepper

Amount's run according to how much you make.

2 parts Olive Oil to 1 part lemon juice

A pinch of No Salt

Pepper to you're taste


This is the basic recipe, you can add things like fresh Garlic,Dehydrated Vegetables, onion.....this for example makes a pretty good italian dressing.

just use you're imagination.




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Welcome back sister (((((MISS))))).... :) missed seeing you around....xxoo


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{{{{{DESI}}}}}}, Awww Thank you so much for the warm greeting!!


It's good to be back! I have missed  you all so much!!


My Dear Sis, xxxxoooo's !!!

GBU My Sista!!!!

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