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Being where JESUS walked is more amazing than walking on Moon ,said 1s

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rontiger    168

  Jesus said in JOHN 14:11 that if one could not simply believe that the Father was in Jesus,  then believe in Him by the EVIDENCE of the miracles.


Neil Armstrong was so amazed by the EVIDENCE that the great archeologist Meir Ben-dov showed him, that he said it was more exciting than walking on the Moon. What was it ?


Dr. Ben-dov showed Armstrong a 2033 year old staircase that Jesus used to enter - many times- into the King Herod's Temple Mount area ( where Christ drove out the money-changers and animals).


In LUKE 21:37 ,Jesus is teaching in Herod's Temple. Scholars say Jesus would sit on the stairs that led up to the Herod's Temple Mount, and teach from there. These stairs are called  the "TEACHING STAIRS of JESUS".


Just Google " teaching stairs Jesus". Just know that Jesus Christ's classroom - the teaching stairs of Jesus - is still miraculously with us today in Jerusalem. This is a  FACT. 


Tell your fellow Christians; everyone needs their faith strengthened. Hundreds 


You can see this staircase(the one on the left of photos) on the Web at "Southern Wall Wikipedia".

Please tell as many people about this almost miraculous fact. And tell them to spread the news too.


Evangelist Josh Mcdowell and some pastors I know, say about 75% of the children in evangelical families end their faith in Jesus by the age of 12! This is at a far higher rate and earlier age than previous generations.


They are being preached 24/7 to by people who  do not believe the Bible.


Jesus knew that in our age many would need solid EVIDENCE to believe; but Jesus felt that was OK. In MARK 12:30 He said to love God with all your heart and MIND.


The children( and adults too) are looking for that little bit of evidence of Jesus, that will enable them to accept Him as their Savior. Many hundreds, and in some years, thousands of Christians are being killed because of their faith.


We have it easy. So please at least tell your fellow church-goers about this amazing EVIDENCE of where Christ walked and taught. Tell them to pass this miraculous fact onto other Christians.


The Church of Christ needs their faith to be strengthened greatly in this age and the pastors can not do it themselves. When I shared the above evidence with people, they were really excited and grateful.

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Guest P_W   
Guest P_W



Peace to you and God bless,


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Hi there and welcome :grin:

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