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Psalm 24:6 Selah?

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As I am slowly moving through the Hebrew Bible, in the psalm 24:6 occurs an expression which caught my attention, mainly due to strange translation, in both English as my native language Finnish.


the word 'Selah' according to Strong:


H5542   סֶלָה  (selâh)

- suspension (of music), i.e. pause;
Etymology:  from H5541;
KJV:  Selah
H5541   סָלָה  (sâlâh)
- to hang up, i.e. weigh, or (figuratively) contemn;
Etymology:  a primitive root;
KJV:  tread down (under foot), value



So my take is since the psalms can be linked with music, it has to do with that. But does someone else here have different view on this?


It is translated as 'sela' in Finnish, which could be a short cut of what would translate to English as 'congregation sings'. I remember having heard this somewhere.

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Blessings Diatheosis...

         Praise the Lord,you are correct in the translation it literally means to "pause".................even in poetry,we pause & reflect and I do believe it is there to do just that,,,,take a moment & reflect on what was just said....well,that Is how I was taught & it makes quite a difference when you do this(for me)

         I really do not believe ,although many of the Psalms were songs accompanied by various instruments,that it has much to do with music.....God Bless you...

                                                                                                      With love-in Christ,Kwik.

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