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Conversations with the Lord - My free book

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*** Please check my profile for the link ***



This is an Amazon link to my book, free through Friday, March 21st. Please take a moment to read it yourself. Feel free to share it with your friends, family, and all loved ones.


-Jerry Joyner

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Blessings Jerry

                      Welcome to Worthy.........nice to have you here with us,Glory to God!!

                                                                                                                      With love-in Christ,Kwik

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    • By Jonathan BeWell
      Dear Lord, in Jesus Christ's name I pray.   Welcome Holy Spirit, embody this nation, government and military. God bless Donald Trump, keep him protected, helped and leading your nation strong and free. God bless Justin Trudeau, bend his will to yours, humble him and teach him what he needs to know of You. Thank you Lord for the peace talks in Korea! This is an appreciated answer to so many pleading prayers! We pray for the same peace and understanding in Cameroon, please have mercy and save its people. Please forgive us of all our sins. Especially excuse evil where we oppose, mock and vilify You. Please Lord, we know not what we do. Bless and revive us Lord, thy kingdom come. Put us through the painful process of cleansing this world, nation, generation and church of backsliding, sleepiness, enemies within, blasphemy, watering down of God's truth, word and law. Prune and throw such chaff into the lake of fire. Have us accept and cherish your free gift of salvation and eternal life immediately through your Son's sacrifice in place of our sin debt. May we all pray for this in our life now! Heal, restore and revive your body of Christ saved to do good works in the Lord. May we be light, salt and disciples to this desperate world. Hallelujah, he is risen, he is risen indeed!   I pray this sincerely for all lost, enemies and loved ones in Jesus Christ's name, amen!   GregoryB
    • By Heart2Soul
      I just read this and I am not 100 percent sure if the writer is credible or not....has any one heard about this?
      Pope Francis has surprised the world today by announcing that The Bible is totally outdated and needs a radical change, so The Bible is officially canceled and it’s announced a meeting between the highest personalities of the church where it will be decided the book that will replace it, its name and its content. Some names are already being considered and the one that has more strength is  “Biblia 2000”.
      “We can not keep trying to talk our public in a totally new world with a book that has thousands years. We are losing followers and we have to go a step further in the search for the modernization of the church. to rewrite the word of God, even if it is only the Old Testament, in which there are certain passages that it is better not to repeat. ”
      The news has fallen like a bomb among the most conservative, who consider this idea the definitive clue of madness of Pope Francis.
    • By Jonathan BeWell
      Good day, fellow Christians,
      I tend not to reach out and ask for help.  I am trying to change that with and through God.  My father has stage four cancer in several areas.  He relies on God's will but is assuming the worst.  We are fine with being realistic.  We know where we are going.  I refuse to give up on hope, him and God.  He has many loved ones praying for him, thankfully.  This is a call out for even more.  Please include him specifically or generally in your prayers.  God is in control, he makes and lets everything happen for His reasons and glory.  Prayers heard by God will be answered, be they yes, no or wait.  I thank you for your time, effort and support in the good Lord, Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord.
      God bless you,
    • By KiwiChristian
      Please pray for my cat Simba and i.
      He is an old fella of i guess 16-18 years of age and i think he has been in a fight.
      without canine teeth ( encounter with what you would call an SUV i think ), he came out worse.
      Limping quite a bit and does not want me anywhere near him.
      My birthday is coming up soon and to lose him now wold be devastating.
      I know we cannot alter Gods' plans. but i hope it is in His will that Simba will be around a lot longer.
      I am very down and nervous.

    • By oduma101
      Prayer is a necessary tool to get over disturbing issues of life, that is why Jesus said a man ought always to pray and not faint.when you read the bible very well you will see that there are questions that have answers to the problem of man but some you have to put the answer there. Like
      “If the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do”?  Psalm 11:3.
      The only thing the righteous can do is to pray, so it is of a great value in the turbulent and none-turbulent situation. It is a necessity, not an option.
      Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting Matthew 17:21
      Some mountains will not fall unless they are bombarded with the artillery of prayer.
      The weapon of prayer have been known to do wonders when other methods have failed, some breakthrough is impossible unless there is a regular, consistent, concerted, constant bombardment of prayer.
      In addition, prayer is a gift to us and a privilege, however, the fact remains that the power of prayer is the power which is the least exercise by the average believer.
      It will do you well to learn the science of welfare. The present temperature of the prayer of many Christians will need to rise if they expect a serious breakthrough.
      Note: You have to stop your enemy before they stop you, if they succeed to stop you then your destiny is wasted and God in His mercy will forgive them, remember there are much destiny attached to you, you must not fail.
      Read psalm 91 and use the following prayers
      (1) O Lord dissolves any deep rooted problem in the Name of Jesus
      (2) Father Lord send your fire into the root of my life to uproot every unprofitable tree in the name of Jesus
      (3) I reject every curse flowing down to me by my ancestors In the name of Jesus
      (4) I soak the root of my life with the blood of Jesus