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SuperHero's turn Christian

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There is something I'd like to say about about the fiction where there are "Superheroes" and they suddenly become Christian. It's also the kind of setting where there would be Supervillains, right? One day I had this random thought come from out of nowhere, and, acting on it, I typed up a little rant about what I want to do with a setting like that. I'm a budding Cartoonist (Who has yet to bud.). 


Here goes: 



Okay, so I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and it occured to me that Superheroes in modern media today, movies, comics, online comics, and video games do a lot of angsting.  Or they're portrayed to act as "Regular" People today do, acting vulgar and behaving badly. That's what people eat up as entertainment. The violence and the sex and the angsting.


Yeah, I just opened up a very idiotic point. Superheroes angst. It's a classic narrative device that allows the reader or viewer to relate to the character; in trials, in fundamental flaws, in basic mistakes, in approach to social norms and romantic interests, in some things as simple as Eating or seeking "Normal" help from non-superpowered people.


The Bible says "Live a life that is pleasing to God". That makes PERFECT sense. God called us to live a life that doesn't abide by the pattern of this world. (Phillipians) 


The bible says "In this world you will have trouble." (Matthew) "But take heart because I've overcome it." Jesus said this to his disciples, when telling them in tandem how he was going to die for the sins of the entire world, and how his disciples wouldn't have it any easier in the aftermath spreading his warning of repenting for your sins and accepting him. This is also true. 


What I'm trying to say is, we're flawed. We're sinful, rebellious and hopelessly stupid. Lost. That's the state of things. And it's only going to get worse. Plenty of Anti-christs in the world already, spiritual advocates of the Devil, who rebels against the Father of all Creation. So yeah, that. (And if you think about it, they will constantly proclaim to have powers themselves from God, to put themselves on elevation with God's status. While also denying God. Yikes.) 


So now that I've got that out of the way, let's skip to the end. In any good story, game, or book, or comic, the main character, the "Superhero" or the regular hero, is or has to be flawed. Their flaws make them down to Earth and relatable. And it doesnt matter what kind of backstory, but they have to Angst a lot because it creates depth, and it presents the struggle. It's obvious in Superhero settings that the main character's main Conflict is the struggle between alternate lifestyles - The Regular loser nobody likes, and the masked debonaire selfless crime-fighting vigilante. 


My idea of a Superhero in a Christian setting is the guy who follows Christ's example. They don't buy what the world is selling, they use their brains to solve problems, and knows that they're not perfect. The Superhero is just another sinner. The Superhero is the guy who harkens to the word of God, and is absolutely dependant, body, mind, and soul, on the complete salvation that can be found only in Jesus Christ. 


The universe in this current form has been on a downhill slide into the "Perishing" stage. Jesus said he'd come back, make everything wholesome for a 1000 years, then take us to be with him in the New Heaven/Earth while the old universe ceases to exist. It's because Christ sacrificed himself that we even have the chance to repent and start a relationship with him based on prayer, faith, and meditation, to live that kind of life. Not what we want, but what he desires for us. What's best for us.


Where does that leave the Superman in today's age? That person knows they can fight crime and stick up for the little guy. But the entire universe is already dead because of sin. And they are also the product of a sinful generation. There's no saving it. In a spiritual battle between those finding God's grace, and those embracing the deception Satan offers, the world isn't what needs to be saved. It's the souls. That's what's on the line here. We never think about it, but God weeps every time a soul that doesn't choose him falls into Hell. Jesus saved this world and its' souls through his death, now, it's our obligation and our righteousness to accept that. 


"Lord, lord, did we not prophesy in your name, cast out demons and all that jazz?"


".... I never knew you. Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness!" 


It's devastating to hear those words. If you don't know Christ in his fullness, you're already damned, the result Satan wants. Superheroes in this kind of setting are no different. Christ, the guy with the name above all names who's above all things, will dismiss such a person who denied him, the guy who pretends they knew him when they didn't. 


The fight against crime, sometimes with policemen too, shouldn't be all Punches and kicks against the bad guys. It should also be the Fight to defend the Bible, face persecution, mockery, suffering, shame, even loss. It's begging God through prayer to endow you with the endurance to face that relentless path of persecution, because, you're weak. You know it. Superheroes too. That'd be interesting. A Christian gets the powers and such, but they aren't really any different from before. They are going to be tempted, and their faith will be tested. 


Knowing Christ's surpassing love, and the glory of the crown awaiting you at the end of your path, is an indescribable wonder that surpasses the anything in this age. Including the characters' "Superpowers", whether they are Flight, or Super Laser Eyes, or Super Strength, or Super Whatever. Knowing Christ and being like him in his suffering is what makes you stronger when you know you aren't. A superhero character will angst, but they will move forward, because their dependance on Christ, and constant prayer, will pull them through any trial. Weakness and humility is expected in a character like that, to allow Christ's utter dominance in their lives, to provide the example to the bystander. 


Superheroes and regular joes are just sinners. Big ones. Just as well are the scientists in fiction who attempt to make superpowers.


We're fragile. We act independent. We're bitter. We're stupid. We cry. We're driven by selfishness. We're subject to temptation. We panic, we're self-absorbed, we're vain. We rage for no reason. We're masochistic. Paranoid, and cruel. We make mistakes and we let them eat us from the inside, another of Satan's many traps to pull us away from God. We wouldn't make the best kind of superhero. It's bad if you have a bunch of people trying to create power for themselves. But if that's the case and a "Superman" is created as a result, than that Superman has come into "Great Power" due to God's will, not man's. And of course, it comes with "Great Responsibility". 


And in a setting where you've got your Batmen and Spidermen working alongside the firemen and the policemen, the "Superhero" is just another soul that is horribly lost without Jesus in their life. 


Without Jesus, we are our own worst villains.


But God's love, shown in unsurpassed glory through Christ, is laid down for the superheroes and normals just the same.

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I think it's great that you are incorporating your love for God into your other interests in life. If you feel that God put it on your heart to make a Christian comic, then do it! If you want, you can even have your Christian comic character preach the gospel in at least one of the comics that you make, in case anyone who comes across the comic does not know how to become a Christian or why salvation is necessary for us all. I think it's a good idea to show a character who is a work in progress trying to grow more spiritually mature and learning to live in Christ, reaching out in prayer whenever the character is struggling. I like your idea. Maybe it's the reason God blessed you with an interest in drawing. I would recommend that you copyright it before you try to sell it though, so no one in the comic or printing industry try to steal it.

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