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Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday

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I have another thread on Good Friday, simply outlining that Jesus was crucified on Thursday, not Friday.  And then I go into a few other things like the real name of Barabbas, Pilate, Jesus answering and then not answering (why?), etc.


But, I've learned through the responders that some Christians really don't know much about this time of the year. 


I'm multicultural, descendant of an American, but born British.  I've lived in different countries (lived and worked legally, not visited for a long time.  lol) and have been blessed to see a lot of different cultures and observations.


But there is one thing that certainly seems to be fading into oblivion - PALM SUNDAY.  In fact, I don't recall hearing/reading anything from anyone.  Not here nor on any other social media site I'm on.  Not at work or at home, or in my private circles.


I talked about GOOD FRIDAY (crucifixion Friday ... which was actually a Thursday) because I raised that matter in several locations, and of course radio ministers are speaking on it.  But Good Friday is secular with it's kites (cross), and hotcross buns, and other worldy things.  I doubt it will go away anytime soon, but the MEANING and PURPOSE seem to be suffering.


And today is EASTER SUNDAY (resurrection Sunday).  Even now I'm hurrying this while I wait on wifey to finish getting dressed.  I guess today is the day for aliens to show up in the Church (people who do not attend, but come because of what today is).  You know, those once a year folk.




"Do these things in remembrance of ME" - Jesus



To the brethren.  Enjoy the festivities and enjoy the foods and fellowship with friends and family.  But keep close to your heart the REAL reason for the seasons.



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