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Book of Luke

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I read at least one chapter of the Bible everyday.  I am currently on the Book of Luke 21.  A couple of verses that stood out are verse 4 "All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on."


verses 17-19  "Everyone will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will perish. Stand firm, and you will win life."  We learn so much from his word. Every time I read the Bible I learn something new even though I have read it several times.  Thank GOD for his living word!!



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    • By Omegaman 3.0
      As I write this, we have been reading the Book of Luke.
      I thought it might interest some of you, to see what it was like, if you were a protestant of means, able to afford one of those new fangled things called a printed Bible.
      Some people refer the the King James Bible, as the authorized version. It was an authorized version, authorized by the King, and the translation was completed in 1611. This authorization was for the Church of England. While the Church of England was not Roman Catholic, neither was it properly protestant church. The King James Version, was commissioned, in part, to counteract the Bible popular with protestants, to help make it easier to maintain the religious hierarchy of the Church of England. The protestants were too critical of the Church of England for the Kinds tastes, so a new version was commissioned for use in the churches of the Church of England. Basically, the Church of England, was protesting the protestants.
      While the KJV is an "authorized version" it was the third authorize version. Prior to it, was the Bishops Bible, of 1568, and before that, was the Great Bible, of 1535. The King James version, as was said, is AN authorized version. It was not given the title of "The Authorized Version", until 1814. Lest you get the impression, that I am anti King James Version, I am not. I love the King James Version, and it has been EXTREMELY important in church history. It is a good version.
      There was a faction of the Church of England, known as the Puritans. They were not called the Puritans, because they were so pure and holy, though that is how many have come to think of that term. The Puritans, were about purging or purefying the church, not just of the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church, but also from issues of having a church, run by a monarch. The Puritans believed that the Church of England, was still too "Catholic" in it's operation. The puritans believed in the priesthood of all believers, not an appointed caste of Popes and Bishops and the like.
      This did not earn them the admiration of Kings and Popes, so they were persecuted and exiled. They were protestants, in most senses of the word.
      The Bible of choice, among the Puritans, was the Geneva Bible.  The Geneva Bible, was the first Bible to have chapter and verse numbers, and it was translated in 1560. It was carried on the Mayflower to America, and it was the most popular English Bible, during the period of the Protestant Reformation.
      Why this abbreviated history lesson on early English Bible versions? I  wanted you to see how easy you have it. Bibles were not often in the hands of common people. The belief of the reformers, that the Bible should be available to all, and the invention of the printing press, was the beginning of the process that lead to mass Bible access. 
      If you were a well off Protestant, over 400 years ago, what would you have seen? Here is  page of a Bible (the Geneva Bible), that was printed in English, before the King James Version.

    • By actor
      Many readers of the bible don't pay attention to the writer of 'Luke':
      1.- The writer never said that he was luke
      2.- the writer did not write to the church
      3.- the will of the writer was a private writing a personal friend of his
      3.- the writer was not an actor
      The reason for composing his own investigation was that was a caos of many narrations; he did not the actors and actions of them
      1:1 | [g] epeidhper {FORASMUCH AS} polloi {MANY} epeceirhsan {TOOK IN HAND} anataxasqai {TO DRAW UP} dihghsin {A NARRATION} peri {CONCERNING} twn {THE}  peplhroforhmenwn {WHICH HAVE BEEN FULLY BELIEVED} en {AMONG} hmin {US} [g] pragmatwn {MATTERS,}  
      Forasmuch as many took in hand to draw up A narration the matters which has been fully believed among us,
       2 kaqwj {AS} paredosan {THEY DELIVERED [THEM]}  hmin {TO US,} oi {THEY} ap {FROM [THE]} archj {BEGINNING} autoptai {EYE WITNESSES} kai {AND} uphretai  {ATTENDANTS} [g] genomenoi  {HAVING BEEN}  tou {OF THE} logou {WORD,} 
      As they delivered [them] to us, which from [the] beginning having been eyewitnesses and attendants of the word;
      3 edoxen {IT SEEMED GOOD} kamoi {ALSO TO ME,} parhkolouqhkoti {HAVING BEEN ACQUAINTED} anwqen {FROM THE FIRST} pasin {WITH ALL THINGS} akribwj {ACCURATELY,} kaqexhj {WITH METHOD} soi {TO THEE} grayai {TO WRITE,} kratiste {MOST EXCELLENT} qeofile {THEOPHILUS,
      It seemed good also to me, having been acquanited accurately from the very first with all things, to write to thee with method, most excellent Theophilus,