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There is this postulated theory of certain part of our brain being responsible for religious/spiritual experiences. Whenever brought up by people trying to nullify the idea of God, I reply saying why to build a radio with no antenna? In addition, I really don't think we can reduce everything to brain only. A lot that has to do with God comes through heart too. As for the rest of the organs, go figure. Through acts of healing, at least.


However, while learning more about transhumanism and its orientations, I came up with this thought, that if indeed certain areas of the brain constitute to our spiritual experiences, activating them might bring about a change in the way how humanity perceives the spiritual. That is, if it ever gets to that point. Nevertheless we can say that damaging certain areas of the brain does affect the human abilities. So far I haven't heard how damaging those certain postulated regions responsible for the religious/spiritual experiences would impact our spirituality. Probably it wouldn't restrict God. At least He could restore the brain if so.


In many ways enhancing the human being sounds like building the tower of Babel. The agenda behind it is eventually and essentially satanic, at least through the philosophical principle. I am discussing some profound enhancement, like nanotechnology inserted in the brain, connecting people into some network of virtual reality etc. So it is not I am claiming wiring us up would give free access to Heaven through some kind of automatic self realization. But it could sort  of back-fire at the attempt of making people slaves of Satan inspired technology, by increasing their spiritual sensitivity or something like that.


I don't know if anyone has studied the subject from this perspective. We do have timothy learies and others who did that through drugs, though. But the idea of technology opening people for spirituality sounds pretty crazy. If it only stimulates what is already there, it seems a different case than drinking gallons of shamanistic portions. Not that I would necessarily advice anyone going for that. The problem is the ideology and the powers working in the background of the whole thing. Would the technology be crafted by God knowing men, which could be verified, it be a different thing I suppose.


Yet, I still prefer the power of the Holy Spirit through the blood of Jesus and the love of God. As we are living during these times, what I've described is rapidly becoming reality. Just as much science relieves us from much time consuming basic toil, it is making us depended on the technology. I see computers and such becoming smaller and smaller, so there's no doubt soon they offer implants to get you on line. Holographic screens are already here. Look how it was ten years ago, and how fast the development is accelerating.


I believe science and technology can be the smartest plan the devil has come up with so far, right after institutionalized religion and the clergy between man and God. It is obvious science can never prove God exists because He simply refuses to lay down on the table to be tested like some laboratory rat. It works the other way around. We should let Him examine us, on a daily basis.


Crying after information and knowledge to prove anything is always limited to our way of understanding and what we can perceive. It is like pissing in a cup and drinking it, believing we have found the elixir of eternal life.


Sure, technological advancement can get us somewhere. It's a crossroads where we either understand: eternal, omnipotent and omnipresent Creator is the only logical answer for our existence, or then continue further on into the oblivion. Hypothetically speaking, that is. I do believe the power of salvation and God's prophetic purpose for us in many cases overruns the foolish human ramblings. In fact, that's our only hope.

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I shall continue to get deeper in the transhuman reality. Came about the idea concerning the hybrid genetics, namely combining genes of different origins. For as some may have already realized what is already being studied, is how to achieve a new kind of genetic make up. As instance to maximize the ability of instincts they combine human and animal DNA. What I began to think of, is how much this animal DNA is going to affect the human thinking and emotions. Already with the human DNA alone we have severe social problems, how will the animal heritage then add up to this? They do have specific hierarchical behavior most of the time, but mixed with the human heritage it may mix blur the lines.


Obviously, we are talking about a real pandora's box here. Even though most of this cannot be seen at the moment on the streets, make no mistake, it's on its way.


Just like many other issues of today, in the name of progress and effectiveness among other things, such bizarre sounding ideas are to be driven in. The same happened with homo sexuality, pornography in general, drugs, alcohol, GMO at different levels and phases. Why would it stop when the whole thing has just gotten started?


I praise God His Spirit abides in us through Jesus. It does not matter how crazy the world will turn into. He will save us one way or another.

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Blessings Diatheosis
     Blessings & Greetings to you and to all of our Worthy Family......Praise the Lord!!!
Ever see the movie"Splice"....well if anyone would like to know where all of this human/animal hybrid experimentation,research & development will inevitably lead us to.......watch it                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Why Did God Forbid Mixing
Linen and Wool Threads
-by Tony Warren

One of the questions that is frequently asked of Christians is, "Why Did God Forbid Mixing Linen and Wool Threads?" This verse is often cited in the standard argument that skeptics give to mock Biblical prohibitions, because it appears to them to be so trivial and completely ignored in modern theology. Many Christians are also puzzled as to why God would make such a law, and what it would possibly mean for us today? There are two places in the Bible that prohibit wearing clothing mingled with linen and wool, and in both instances the references are clearly in the context of other prohibitions against mixing diverse animals or seeds together. This precept is listed in both Leviticus and in the book of Deuteronomy:
Deuteronomy 22:9-11
    "Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with divers seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed which thou hast sown, and the fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled.
    Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together.
    Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together."
When viewed in its proper context, we see that this prohibition does not stand alsone. It appears together with laws against mixing seeds and yoking together different animals. And note the reason God gives for not sowing two different types of seeds together is clearly so that the fruit of the seed they had sown would not be defiled. So the reasons for the prohibition of planting two kinds of seeds in a field, yoking a donkey together with an ox, and of mixing wool and linen fibers together, are quite easy to discern. It is the same reason God prohibited Israel from eating shellfish (Leviticus 11:12 ) or pigs (Leviticus 11:7 ), which He calls an abomination. Not to illustrate that Shrimp and Pork were unhealthy foods, but rather the law illustrated in these ceremonial precepts the symbolism of the spiritual differences between unclean and clean people. It signified the God breathed principle of separation, purity and distinction. By God making a distinction between beasts (Acts 10:14-15 ) considered clean and could be eaten, and beasts considered unclean and not to be eaten, He was pointing to the separation of God's people from the Gentile unbelievers. The threads that could not be mixed with other diverse threads pointed to that same separation. Likewise, the donkey that could not work yoked together with the Ox and the diverse seeds that could not be planted in a field together. It was all to signify something infinitely more important than dietary, labor and clothing restrictions. These laws regulating separation of animals, seeds and threads were instituted by God as signs or parallel demonstrations to

highlight the issue of keeping the children of Israel separate from the corruption of non believers and avoid syncretis


    What stands out most to hear is Gods principles of separation,purity & destinction,,,,,,,has man not learned anything yet after God told Adam & Eve they could eat of any tree in the Garden,except THAT ONE.....or that the Sons of God & daughters of men co-mingling brought about THE FLOOD......or how about what happens when He said do not go after foreign women,warning them it would lead to their own demise..........

     The human race,created in His likeness,,,,,He even provided a way that we could once again be Holy(separate)& reconciled back to Him as His special creation,more special than even His Holy Angels.......but once again,man wants to play God & ignore His principles that He laid out for us for our very own good                    Glory to God,Bless His Holy Name......tsk,tsk,silly scientists


                                                                                                                                                                      With love,in Christ

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I have considered to contain in my master's degree the role of media as for introducing transhumanism to the public. Today the development of scifi material in various forms can be seen in a totally different light from the point of transhuman aspirations. I am not saying everything was planned to the smallest detail, but realizing what kind of entertainment is provided to our youth, it will change the situation a bit.


Many insiders from hollywood have confirmed the presence of satanic stronghold in there. Even if that wasn't the case, it's enough Jesus does not get glorified there to leave the whole thing for demonic forces. Be it as it may, the masterminds producing volumes of scifi material surely are getting their paychecks from someone. Interestingly, connecting the dots create quite a picture.


To enclose with a biblical view, it was Jesus who called the fallen one the lord of this world. Which does explain howcome many things of such nature included in transhuman philosophy are becoming part of every day life. Thank God victory has already been claimed by our Savior.

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