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Is segregation part of the cultures history where you live?  If so, that can be expected.   So many are still struggling with following the Lord that the flesh is still part of their lives.  I suggest you find a different church.

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Guest LadyC

is it actually segregation when it's a CHOICE? i always thought of segregation as being forced separation of ethnicities.


i think a lot of it is cultural. for example, "black" churches are often led with a style of preaching and worship that reflects more of the ethnic culture.... where "white" churches are often more restrained in their form of worship. i think location plays a large part too....  while the catholic church is home to people of all races, there are some areas of town where more hispanics might be likely to attend than other races... and since catholicism is the primary denomination of Mexico, i wouldn't expect to see as many hispanics attending (for example) a baptist church.


in the end, people enjoy being around others that they have things in common with. yes, all christians have Jesus in common, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to fellowship with people who have even MORE in common with you than faith.


where i live, my part of town isn't very culturally diverse, so the church i usually attend is primarily all one race. that's just geographical. but when i lived in vegas, my little church was home to people of every race and every walk of life. i wouldn't say the number of individuals from each race was equally represented, but it adequately represented the demographic diversity of our area.

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