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Trying to learn

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Welcome to Worthy Boards, introduce yourself and join our Christian community!

Feel free to introduce yourself as you join our community.

Once you make 5 posts you will have access to the rest of the forums and will be able to start threads on other forums within WCF on topics that interest you.


Just reply to the welcomes you receive on this thread. You will soon have five post  :thumbsup:


God Bless.


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Blessings Jay!

     Welcome to Worthy..................God Bless you & praise the Lord!!!      No trouble,I started out completely clueless as I am not very computer savvy,I am sure you will do just fine,we are glad you are here!                                                                                   With love-in Christ,Kwik

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Welcome to Worthy Jay99!! Hope that you will have a great time here!!


God bless you!! :)

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    • By joejkljkl
      Do any of you know of a video game that helps you to learn the books of the Bible, The Ten Commandments, the list of the Fruits of the Spirit, and such? 
      If there isn't one out there I'm thinking about making one.
    • By peacemakerIND
      I am teaching in teaching in bible college,,, right now i started to  teach soteriology,
      while i am preparing some lesson stuff, i am facing lot of thinking time and research time,
      pl join with me to share your views on Soteriology
      Step 1 ...........Holiness of God
      Step 2........... The sin o Man,
      Step 3 .......... The penalty of Sin
      Step 4 .......... Spiritual Death
      Step 5 .......... Unrighteousness
      Step 6 .........  God's grace
      Step 7 .........  Justification 
      Step 8 ......... Salvation by faith (not by works)
      i am trying to make 8 divisions to make whole lesson plan,, 
      Please share your ideas,, 

    • By Cathy Ann
      Family has been on my heart in a big way lately.  I have observed that there are many perspectives on family and I believe that each opinion is based on an individual experience and expectations. When I think about a family I think about a place where one is nurtured and taught, a safe a, a place filled with love, peace, patience, acceptance. A place where one is accepted as is and encouraged to be all that God has ordained them to be.  This is some of the characteristics that should be manifested in the atmosphere of the family. This is the thing, we the people of God are responsible for developing and demonstrating this type of atmosphere regardless of our shortcomings. The good news is you don't have to do it alone. God will help you every step of the way.  He is the family expert.