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Because He Lives

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I was talking to my sister in the Lord Jill today and I cannot even begin to tell you how she lifted me up.  


In the hour or more that we spoke we praised, prayed, and stood in awe of the power of our Heavenly Father and the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ.  


I am sharing this because we need to start praying for revival for our country.   We need to go boldly into this world proclaiming Jesus Christ and His saving power.  We as Christians need to be vigilante in His word, not being ashamed or timid.  I believe we are getting very close to the coming of the Lord Jesus and  even if it's another 100 years there is still lots of work to do.


Here at Worthy I want to see people lifted up, saved and changed lives because we know the Author of all of above and our willingness to share it.


Thank your for allowing me to vent.  I am so thankful for this miracle place called Worthy.  I thank God for George and all those who stand with him.  I only ask to be used of God in anyway He sees fit.  I pray we all fall into the arms of our Savior and let Him work through us, willing vessels that only want to see the salvation of millions of more people.


God Bless all of you.


Because He Lives Rustyangel/Faith Ann

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