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    • By UnprofitableServantJames
      What are we grateful of today? If I can make a suggestion, it would be before you get out of bed, the first thing you do is tell God how thankful you are to be alive and share your gratefulness with Him about anything else that you are inspired about. I need to do more of this myself, but I think God appreciates that sort of thing. 🙂
    • By UnprofitableServantJames
      Are there any requirements to becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ in order to be considered a Christian? If so, what are those requirements? Please answer the question using Jesus' words as reference.
    • By Vevencio
      Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, I will do a podcast about God. It will be called "Creator of Mankind". I'm also going to share my knowledge and experience of God in and out of the bible. I'm going to have guests from all walks of faith. I'm also willing to listen on those who goes against our faith in God. I would love to know your comments.

      Here are my 10 episodes:
      1.) Anything is Possible With God
      No matter what the difficulty, we make room for God through prayer with our plans, goals, and work. We search on the faith that moves mountains. We scoop on the faith that made Peter walk on water with Christ. Listen and apply the practices that made it all possible.
      2.) God is Our Loving Father in Heaven
      State the truth of who God really is. Why does He love us unconditionally and why is He a strict Father? Why do we need to fear Him and love Him? God blesses us and provides for us in many ways. May the peace of God be with us always.
      3.) Jesus Son of God Saves Us From Our Hopeless Situation
      O man what have other men done to you? Why do you stare there from afar on nothing? God does not abandon you. It is Jesus our Savior that you need. Where is your faith O man? Seek him who offered his blood for you that you may be clean again in Heaven’s eyes. No matter how hopeless our situation is we need to put our trust in Jesus first.
      4.) Why Didn't God Answer My Prayers?
      Grumble, mumble, and fumble until you stumble, tumble, and crumble. But let me ask you. Who are you to God anyway? Why are you ordering Him to make your wish come true? Are you better than God? Let us know the true purpose of prayer and how to pray properly.
      5.) My God Why Did You Abandon Me?
      You just don’t know or see. Every righteous person has felt this sometimes. But we are not alone. God is really always with us. Call on to Jesus. Ask for help. Jesus took this upon Himself to carry the burden of His Church and fulfill the ancient prophecies. Let me help you understand and uplift you to praise God.
      6.) If There Is A God, Why Is There Evil?
      Let us return to the core of what is evil and how it all started. We have a fuss of evil this or evil that. But what really is evil? Know this, if God doesn’t exist there is no evil. There is not even a human being. You seeker of knowledge, empty your cup. Let me fill it up for you with a fascinating story.
      7.) Why is There So Much Suffering?
      Suffering is the result of our sins. God introduced the process of suffering to change ourselves for the better. So embrace it as you would carry your cross. Although we suffer in this world, death is not the end of everything. God Himself will provide relief for your soul.
      8.) If There Is A God, Why Do I Feel So Depressed?
      Express your sadness through prayer. But always love and revere the Lord. It is unhealthy for a servant of God to be so depressed all the time. Let me teach you how to control your thoughts naturally. And you never have to become sad again without tragic events.
      9.) Is God A Delusion?
      For me, God is real of course. Philosophy dictates He is the cause of all things. Logic follows the course of cause and effect. There is also the laws of the physical nature, order, and limitations. All of these were set by the Creator. Hop in and I will also bombard you with miracles and experiences.
      10.) Where is God?
      God is spirit and you can’t see Him. So far we studied three persons of God (Trinity). God the Father is said to be in Heaven (which is above). God the Son is Christ Jesus who is in our hearts or in Heaven. God the Holy Spirit is also within us or around us. Listen for more information.

      Your input is greatly appreciated.

      May God's blessings be with you all,

      Vevencio Jr
    • By Omegaman 3.0
      Daily Reading 41 If you prefer, you can look up the following verses in your own Bible, of by whatever means and in whatever version you choose. Hebrews 7 Exodus 3:1-4:31 Psalm 41 Audio 4:01 Audio 3:59 Audio 1:32 The above addresses are linked to Bible Gateway. That is an easy way to read (or listen to) the Bible verses, and choose your version.  Personally, I prefer written, that way I can go at my own pace, on think about it, before moving on. Nothing wrong with doing either or both. The Bible says faith comes by hearing. See the picture below to get an idea of what to expect if you follow the above links.

      Note: The audio will not play the exact verses, it will play the whole chapters, in which the verses exist. Thank you Lord for making the your word so accessible for us in these times. Amen