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    • By chrstianperspective
      Hello everyone!!! So for those who checked out part 1, and  part 2 , Part 3 is also available!!!! We continue looking into God's will for a partner.  This time, we find out, does God's perfect partner for us exist? Is there someone who can fit you like a glove? Feel free to check it out.🙃 God bless.
    • By chrstianperspective
      Have you ever thought if there's someone meant for you out there? 👩‍❤️‍👨 Does God predestine our partner? Is there something such as a soulmate? Or is it something people made up?🤦‍♂️ It's an interesting question I've been having overtime and I felt the need to share some of the things learned, some through study, some through other people's experiences and some through revelation!!!! You can check  it out by clicking here for more of an indepth look and if you have any questions, by all means, don't hesitate, feel free to ask!! 🙃
    • By LOTWT
      'ANSWERED PRAYER' is a magazine in which details of answered prayers in full or in part will be published.   This is to bring praise and glory to God and to share his mighty works with other believers to encourage them to take all their needs to the Lord.   Your answered prayers may be about healing, finances, family, romance, wisdom.   Whatever your answered prayer may be we would like to know about it.   If you have answered prayers you would like to be published in this vibrant and faith-inspiring magazine please email us at livingwater-mybestfriend@outlook.com   God bless