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The good news from the messenger of God

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Hello to Everyone,


I am new to this website and I hope to make friends with loving Christians.   The purpose of my joining this website is to share the good news of Jesus.  I am a living witness who can attest that the words spoken in the scriptures by Jesus were fulfilled in my life.   I have lived a life filled with incredible miracles, which has been gifted to me by Jesus.  I was once a lost sheep and Jesus came to rescue me through countless miracles.   I have been privy to the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and received miracle images.   Jesus asked that I write and share all of the gifts he has given to me with the world in his book.   I am embarrassed to say that my initial reaction upon receiving this request was not one of joy but of doubt.   I protested that I had no authority to write on divine matters for I am a sinful man.   Jesus would have none of this and through a series of miracles made me understand that it was his will.   Just as Moses tried to rebuff Gods commandment by not being worthy of it, I did the same.   I did not know at that time that I was speaking to Jesus directly.   I only learned of this when I witnessed his miracles and understood never to doubt his will.   I have built a website that is filled with details on this.


If you would like to hear my story, then please encourage me to get the necessary 5 replies so that I can post more fully my testimony in the testimonials section.


I assure you that you will really get to know the real Jesus who died for our sins. 


Thank-you for your kindness,


My name is Gianni 

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Welcome to worthy. 


Im game to hear what you have to say.

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Hi Gianni,

Welcome to worthy! Please do get your post in. Its quite easy to reply to or welcome new members. May God bless you and I am looking forward to reading your testimony.

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Hi Gianni and welcome to Worthy.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say also.  Also we would like to see you in our chat room, you are welcome anytime.


Because He Lives!  Rustyangel

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 Blessings...............Caio Gianni!

     Benvenuti a Valevole!!    (Welcome to Worthy)...................A fine name you have there!!!!Glad you are here,looking forward to your Testimony....Praise & Glory to God                                                                                                                                         With love-in Christ,Kwik "Spedito"

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Welcome to Worthy.  Just in case there is a misunderstanding, it is you who needs to post the 5 replies.  You can do that by responding to each person's posts to you in this thread.  Love to hear what you have to say.

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Welcome to Worthy. 


(Just so you know) 


** We welcome everyone who follows our Terms of Service, but we do quickly shut down any thread that is teaching Catholicism before it becomes a battlefield.  

We believe that there are people in every denomination that are saved, just as we believe there are people in every denomination that are not saved. 

Salvation does not come through one denomination, but through Christ Jesus.  We do welcome any discussion/debate on what is in scripture, while ensuring that extra-biblical beliefs are stated as such.

What we don't allow members to teach are the beliefs held and taught by the RCC that are outside of scripture, their doctrine.

This would include that Mary is the heavenly mother, that Mary appears to instruct, that repetitive prayer should be done through the rosary, or any doctrine that is not found in scripture.

At the same time, we do not allow members to bash the RCC.**


God Bless. 



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      A good way to get a lot of faith is to read your bible for a long period of time maybe an hour on an occasion - you cannot do this all the time but you should daily read your bible for shorter periods. Get an enjoyable version that is fun to encourage you to do this (I like the Message and/or the ESV - English Standard Version):
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