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“A Call For Fervent Prayers!”

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“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual FERVENT PRAYER of a righteous man availeth much.”—James 5:16

As the signs of the end-time is presently unfolding at a warp speed, I sense a clarion call from the Lord to his body (The Church) for a deeper level of fellowship with him in the place of prayers.

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    • By Worship Warriors
      Enjoyable prayer
      Prayer is the response of the heart. When the heart is so filled with the burning desire that is in God's heart , then you will flow in the spirit of prayer . Prayer will become enjoyable.  Isaiah 56:7  I will make them joyful in my house of prayer.
      here is the conditions :
      Also the sons of the stranger, that join themselves to the LORD, to serve him, and to love the name of the LORD, to be his servants, every one that keeps the sabbath from polluting it, and takes hold of my covenant; Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer ( Isaiah 56-6-7)
      Have you ever try to climb up a steep mountain against all the currents coming against you ?  After all the devil does not want you to meet with God.
      In Exodus 33: before Moses made his great intercession before the throne for a fallen covenant people, He had 7 ascend in ascending the mountain of the LORD. Mount Sinai is the second largest mountain peak in Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, 2285 meters or 7500 feet height. Ascending and descending 7500 feet, 7 times, it takes dedication, patience, and love for God to climb up a mountain to meet with God.
      Each ascend up the mountain  INCREASED HIS HUNGER and expended the capacity of his heart to contain more of God. His heart had become " wounded " as it were with the heart of God. When he made his great intersession before the throne, Moses was basically telling God what God wanted him to tell him. He was flowing in the spirit of prayer and was in deep intimacy with him after having spent 40 days twice on the mountain of God.
      He was in the realm of ENJOYABLE prayer. Oh let us come to the mountain of the LORD and see his glory and his might.
    • By bornagain24
      My boyfriend and I got saved about 6 months ago. When we first got saved it was such a beautiful experience. We both felt so compelled by the spirit to learn more about God and draw close to him. But within the past 2 months or so we have started to back slide. Not reading our bibles, not praying, instead of watching Christian content we’ve started back on watching more of worldly things, giving in to sexual sin, etc. We’ve had dozens of convos of doing better but now he doesn’t seem interested. I’ve recently within the past 2 weeks finally got back to reading the word everyday and trying to stay more persistent with my prayer life, but it seems he is still struggling with finding motivation. He has had issues in the past with sex addiction and women and when we first got saved it really helped him a lot. Both of us really. And now that we’ve started to backslide I’ve recently discovered he has been talking sexually with other girls via text. I’m fearful for him and I want to help deliver him from this, not for my own selfish purpose but because he needs it and needs God more than he needs the world. Please help! I love him very much and don’t want to see him lose that beautiful relationship with god and fall back into this vicious cycle of sin, nor do I. Advice is really appreciated. 
    • By buddybearr
      Please pray for Marissa, a 9 year old girl, who is battling aggressive Cancer thru harsh Chemo treatments since April 2019
      She will be having outpatient surgery starting Tuesday or  Thursday June 18 or 20th. for taking bone marrow samples.  She is nervous and upset that she is having this done again as it is very painful for a couple of days afterwards.
      The chemo she will receive before the transplant is the strongest one she will receive through this entire treatment plan, killing all cells in her body.  Then she will receive the stem cells they harvested from her in January.  From what I’ve read , she will be very sick for a while.
      The cancer has now metastasized from her kidneys to her bones and so far with extensive chemo and treatments there yet has been produced any sign of remission.. 
      She has a strong base of faith in our Savior and receiving concerts of prayer from Kings Kids choir, leader and teachers in her former 3rd grade Sunday school class but needs a continued flow of prayers being raised in her behalf . Her strong faith knows God is holding her in His hands and by her side through this continued war on cancer that has invaded this sweet little child of God's body 
      Please continue praying for Marissa, for her Grandmother and her father for strong confidence God is at work in His precious child.
      Pray that her father who has been away from church to find God's love  peace hope and draw this lost sheep home He is divorced from Marissa's mother (an unbeliever ) as  her father and Grandmother have been Marissa's only contact
      Pray for all the medical staff that attends her here in Pennsylvania to receive great wisdom from God and open their hearts to all God to guide their hands and treatment for Marissa.
      Pray for Marissa's mother who has fallen into the world and had to have Marissa removed (for unknown reasons ) to give Marissa stability with her loving dedicated Grandmother and dad 
      Pray that God will seek Marissa's mom to turn her heart away from world and flood of sin and towards salvation and rebirth through our Savior and Redeemer and receive a flood of God's love mercy grace and towards her daughter Marissa in this battle against Cancer 
    • By JesusAngelPD777
      Shalom to the entire community , one of our sister In USA was released from prison about 2 and half years ago.
      When back home her son started his teenage crisis and her parents both unbelievers have kept condemning her each day treating her like a criminal.
      She works in prison ministry for a church has 3 jobs but can't find her own appartment has everyone judges either her past or her weak financial situation.
      She needs courage to endure her family constant attack as she has no other place to go, and to deal with her son's rebellion.
      She needs a miracle to move out with her son but also has not stop questioning why God has not yet answered her prayer.
      Please pray for our sister. 
      Be blessed.
    • By JesusAngelPD777
      Shalom to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
      I have been ministering for 4 years online as well as in Federal Prisons along with a few churches between Canada and France.
      I have been called to an online vocation to be accessible to all, worldwide.
      While some curious struggling unbelievers may never find courage to enter a traditional church, strong believers at times also cannot attend for various reasons.
      Using online platforms ,I make myself available to people whom fall in such category.
      In essence, I am open minded and open my door for anyone in need whether its for one on one prayers, bible studies, Christian counselling, support, encouragement, fellowship or simply to have Christian oriented guidance, I am here on this forum to do my part in Jesus's Kingdom.
      Looking forward to meeting you all.
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