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How do we resurrect the ones who have had the church experience but seem to be spiritually dead?

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Guest Teditis

I think that we trust God for resurrection and the spiritual "quickening" of somebody.

Still, there are things that we can do and a lot of it has to do with talking and listening.

Finding out from these people what their experience has been and where they see themselves

in relationship with God. That's where we start anyway... hearing their story and seeing if there

are things we can do to help them in their spiritual walk with Christ. Praying is another thing

that we ought to be doing for people who have come close to God but haven't yet committed

their life to living as God would want them to do.

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"Jesus called in a loud voice, 'Lazarus, come forth!' ......Jesus told them. 'Unwrap him and let him go!'" - John 11:43,44

Just as Jesus told the people to unwrap Lazarus, so we must obey. The "Lazrus Generation" must clean up. and renounce the works of darkness. But we must not re-wrap them in church grave clothes. We must not let the Christian Clone Factory get their hands on them. We must give them the Word and the Spirit along with proper discipling into their inheritance in Christ. 



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    • By david.wright
      I wrote this simple (free) e-book devotional a couple years ago. Just putting it out there in case it might help someone on their spiritual journey...
      I welcome any feedback. 
    • By Rivers
      So this is probably strange for alot of you who aren't aware that there is actually a spiritual realm and there are such thing as demons, and there is a constant fight against satan. So I'll start off by saying this when I was 14 or 15 I was led to go to church and got convicted of sin for bullying some kids like in school and on the bus i have already at that time stopped bullying ppl because I changed schools, and I decided not to be like all of the so called popular kids and turned from being a class clown and bully to the person that got bullied and all this led me to smoking weed and drinking then something happened I got the just very uneasy feeling like something wasn't rite like I guess a doctor would call it depression but I had depression when I was younger and this wasn't the same like I knew it was spiritual and my mom knew about demons but we wasn't church goers and she ended up taking me to the hospital because I wouldn't hardly speak I just told here something was wrong with me and when we got to the hospital while laying in a hospital bed my mom and dad was sitting beside me and she didnt know what was wrong with me, and she was talking to my dad then she said it could be a demon, I had no clue at the time demons were really really real but I said yes that's what it is and my mom didnt want to tell the drs that, but the dr came in and asked why we were there and and what was wrong with me and i told them it was demon because I just wanted help, but they sent me to a mental institution and I ended up being attacked there, kids there where calling my name like and saying strange stuff like they wouldn't even be in the same room as me and I could hear them yelling from there room speaking to me. And was hearing stuff in the walls, but my mom told family about it and they knew a pastor and they came and did a deliverance on me and they left it was like nothing happened until about 10 mins or so after they left I drank some salt water and was laying down and felt something come up in my throat and I gagged it up it was a black gooy substance that was about the size of a half dollar or so and I got up and spit it in the trash. Later on the next couple days I started doing better I wasn't fully normal but I was able to leave and the pastor invited us to church and we went to church and I still wasn't perfectly normal but I got where I felt like I should get up and go to the front and say something to everybody the cause I saw like this vision or something whether it was from the lord jesus or not idk but I saw like a vision of me doing that so I did it I went up to the front and got handed the Mike and started to saying something idk what I was going to say at the time but I ended up saying something totally different then what I originally intended I got convicted I said I was sorry for bullying some kids that was there because they where the same kids that rode my bus that I used to pick on and I started crying alot probably or maybe the most i have ever cried and while I was crying and started walking back to my seat and while I was crying I remember having a decision to call out to god or call out to Jesus, I said Jesus desperately and forced myself to stop crying because I started to get embarrassed and stuff and continued to my seat and while I was still walking to my seat Jesus filled me with his grace it was the best and most unusually awsome thing that has ever happened to me I could try to describe it which I have tryed to do before but unless you know you really dont know I guess. But here's where it gets strange after church we leave and are going home and we turned on some christian music and I started feeling really joyful and full of hope and faith and knew Jesus was very truly real and loved me and as we where driving home I saw I dead dog in the road and the seen an angel or its spirit or a spirit come off or out of the dog and I told my parents and idk if they believed me or not but they was asking me about it and I told them and I also seen a black figure standing out front of someones house on the way home and this was kinda the start of things for me I felt great for I would say atleast 2 years before I backslid I wasn't a bully anymore but I ended up partying,drinking and later on started smoking weed agian and eventually I lost the joy that I had I started feeling really bad all of the sudden and I tryed straightening up i quit drinking but i couldn't quit smoking weed and i was repenting asking for forgiveness to get that joy and faith back but I ended up back in mental institution because something came over me one night rite after getting done praying and my dad started yelling about something and I completely snapped, blacked out, but more than likely a evil spirit took control of me and i beat up 2 ppl in my house and got the cops called on me and when they took me to jail I got really opressed, or possessed or delusional as a doctor would call it and started having weird visions or dreams and it lasted a long time while I was in there I was in there for about 2 weeks and only remember a few days or so I got out and was drove straight to church where they tryed or did do a deliverance on me I still didnt feel completely normal afterwards and the pastor told me I still had one left, and i try getting deliverence completely several more times and still wasn't completely normal but was far better than when i went to jail and i didnt smoke weed anymore at the time and i continue seeking Jesus and trying to do whatever i could do to get the peace and joy and faith back that I had before and kept trying to get that back for years and my pastor still said there was a demon left in me and I kept trying to get delivered and this one time she said my eyes turned into like cat eyes which was hard to believe at the time because i could see stuff but i didnt want to believe i had one in me and made me look like I had cat eyes I just didnt want to belive that and didnt understand how that could be because I was all about Jesus but eventually we haven't tryed doing anymore deliverances because she said I needed to try harder but I dont smoke week or drink anymore I do vape and I'm mostly always thinking about Jesus and I've been quite some time like this and recently I started hearing voices and seeing stuff alot but in my house and we have had ppl come try to cleanse the house but i still hear stuff and see stuff and earlier I was just curious to see what my eyes would look like in the mirror and I said Jesus Christ in my head to see if I could see the Holy Ghost in me which sounds weird probably but when I'm at church and stuff I can see stuff in ppls eyes like I've tryed teaching myself what the things I see in there eyes mean, but I was looking in the mirror and I said Jesus Christ in my head and i seen one of my eyes turn into what looked like a red cat eye it convinced me that what my pastor said was true but I dont really know what this means now or where to go from here. I've been getting attacked alot here lately for the past few weeks or so I've been reading my bible and praying and almost always listening to Christian music. Jesus has help me alot through these times I've had strengthening me and helping me fight these battles that satan has already lost.. But that's pretty much it for now.  ...prayers would be greatly appreciated. God bless
    • By fileoflife
      I can't thank you enough LORD for waking me up, allowing me to have another day to breathe your breath.....before ma feet hit the floor, ma soul was Praisin You!! Glory Hallelujah, Hallowed Be Thy Name.....The Greatest Blessing In Ma Life!! Jesus I just can't help myself when it comes to you, I just wanna SHOUT!! 
      THANK YOU JESUS FOR BEING YOU!! You Rock Ma World Beautifully, I just Love YOU soooooooo much!!
      C'mon ya'll, He Is Worthy Of ALL PRAISE with Thanksgiving Upon Our Lips......like a little child all excited because He Is Such An Awesome Father!! Graditude makes a heart smile for JESUS...... I feel like i'm gonna bust inside, welling up sweetly because we have another Day to draw Close to Jesus....
    • By Walter Goraj jr
      There appears to be no evidence in scripture that would indicate there being more than one resurrection (which will occur at the last day of this world).
      " Martha saith unto Him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection  at the last day." John 11:24
      " Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear His voice, And they shall come forth ; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life ; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation." (John 5:28 -29)
      A resurrection of the entire human race at one time in the last day of this sin-cursed earth finds harmony in scripture as opposed to a "millenial reign" teaching with different resurrections at different times ( which I do not agree with). What do you think?
    • By Kenzie
      Hi, I’m here again lol. Thanks for all of you who have helped me through my crisis a couple weeks ago. QUESTION:  How do I deal with my family who discriminates  against me because i am darker. Now, I am vulnerable with this topic. I don’t know how racially diverse worthy is, (doesn’t matter) but I don’t know if any of you would understand what I am saying or relate. I am grateful for any advice. Like some of you know, my family is not supportive of my mental health. I can not tell them my issues. So I come here. I am very grateful for all of you, truly! 
      Anyway, I’m a black young women (17). For all of you who don’t know what colorism is. It is “prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group”.
      Colorism is a huge problem in the black community. In my experience, among some people I know and in society, dark skin is looked down upon. 
      The thing is, colorism is a topic that makes people uncomfortable. I think because no one wants to admit that it exist. And because they may be colorist aswell.
      So here’s my problem, my immediate family is very colorist. This started with my mother who is of darker skin. Now, both my parents are black but my father is lighter skin. His complexion is more like George Lopez, while my moms is like Naomi Campbell. I have 5 sibling. My older brother and myself take after our moms complexion and my younger sister and younger 2 brothers take after my dads.
      Well you would think that my mother would not have a problem with having darker kids but she does. She projects her self hatred onto me. She has been verbally (& physically) abusive to me since I was 8. Whenever she wants to insult me, she targets my skintone, which is the same as hers, and also my hair and weight. 
      She has uplifted my siblings as better and more beautiful than me because of their lighter skin. She makes comments indirectly about their hair and skin as being better than mine. It hurts. It hurts because she has brainwashed this to them, making them believe that they are better than darker people like myself. It hurts because i am singled out and this has been going since I was a young child . My mom is a narcissist so she really won’t accept blame. We have a looooonnngg history of just craziness. We have been doing better, but we never got along. I was always to blame. But that’s besides the point really. 
      I have never struggled with accepting my skin; (blessing), but my low self esteem was because of my weight and I just think I am ugly. I recently realized that what is going on in my family is NOT okay! I have talked to my parents about this and how satan wants to divide our people. And colorism is a trick he uses. While they accept what I’m saying, they continue to make these comments. I am gaslighted all the time about  being over sensitive when I get upset. 
      For example, the reason I am writing this is because 10 minutes ago we were having family time and I told my dad that his comment about my brothers girlfriend was disrespectful and colorist. Of course he denied it. But then my sister jumped in and began to scold me. BTW, she is VERY vain and thinks that she is better because she is lighter. She doesn’t understand the struggles dark skin women face. My sister thinks she is prettier than me because of her skin. And for the comments people make about her being prettier than me because she is lighter. 
      I’m sorry that this is so long. It is just that I’m very sad rn and feel less than. As much as I try to stay strong, their comments get to me and sometimes I question myself. I have always took pride in my skin but other areas I struggle (body). I hate when people are sad. Especially when other little darker girls hate their skin because of colorism and society. For example, my younger cousin who is 4 believes she would be prettier if she had light skin. It happens in the black community a lot. The media influence has a lot to do with it aswell as the whole slavery stuff. But I want to be an activist and a lawyer one day. And tackle problems like this. I know colorism is also a problem in India and south Asian counties.  Anyway, if you made it this far God bless you lol 😂! Any advice is needed. Please pray that I can strive forward, I just feel drained and forgotten . I’m trying to do better and listen to god... but I admit I am struggling. Thank you, love all of you !💕
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