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Does Philosophy or Theology Better Explain Soul?

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Read the Bible. That is God's perspective.

I've read the Bible, many times over.  I agree that the Bible is God's perspective.  Are you prepared to discuss the matter intelligently instead of using the 'hit-n-run' posting of snide comments?  If so, let's discuss.  If not, I'm supposing, based on years of experience posting to various theology boards, that you're merely one of the legion of religious posters either incapable or unwilling to engage in intellectually honest dialog.  These are champions at posting opinions in order to get 'high fives' from other hit-n-runs.  Sad state of affairs for a Christianity that's supposed to be born of the Spirit of God.  Are you capable and willing to discuss honestly and intelligently?

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On 10/1/2016 at 9:58 AM, spiffy said:

The 'spirit/soul' question has interested me for years.  There are few topics in Christianity that give more widely varying answers than this one.

I have two main blog articles that address this topic. The first is here --


-- from which this is a quote in part:

 " The Levels and Origins of Loves, and Their Ultimate Fulfillment

      Each of the four worlds – the three heavens and the one earth – has both a corresponding element and a corresponding love.

     The Greek language has a specific word for each of these four loves:

Eros: sexual love, the ultimate love of the flesh. Eros is earthly/physical in nature.

Storgē: familial love: the affection for one’s closest blood-relatives, and also for one’s clans, tribe, and race. Storgē is soulish/psuchikos in nature.

Philia: the love of friends that transcends soul-ties: trans-familial “brotherly love.” Philia is spiritual/pneumatikos in nature.

Agapē: all-encompassing love, Divine love, including for one’s enemies. Matt. 5:45 Agapē originates in the Holy Breath-Light of God, and is rebreathed through His children.

     The elements corresponding to these four loves are earth, water, wind/air, and fire/light. ..."

The second article is here --


-- from which this is a quote in part:

"The three heavens in order consist of:

3rd (lowest): Soul (Heb. nephesh/Gr. psuche). “The soul of the flesh is in the blood." Gen. 9:4; Lev. 17:11  Soul/nephesh is the level of developmental consciousness of the seed of Israel, and corresponds to the laver section of the Temple: the water of the washing of repentance. The lowest heaven pertains to all those who keep YHWH’s Covenant of 10 Commandments, given to Israel at Mount Sinai – with plenty of grace applied, of course. This heaven is called the Garden, also Paradise.

2nd (middle): Spirit (ruach/pneuma.) The Church is a spiritual/pneumatikos body. This corresponds to the Holy Place of the Temple, the place of the 7 Spirits (the 7 Lights of the Menorah), and the Word of Truth (the Table of Showbread). This level pertains to those who have true faith in Jesus, and are led by the Holy Spirit – again, with grace applied. This is the place of the Court, wherein the angelic Powers have convened in the past (e.g. Job 1:6); and are soon to convene again for the Judgment of God, in the company of the elect of the human race. Dan. 7:9-10ff.; Rev. 4-5; 7:9ff. ..."

For a deeper look about the four levels of consciousness and how they will play out in the End Times, go to this blog article and the one following it:



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