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I love the Lord tonight how many love the Lord tonight. My God My God, I feel like praising right now.!! HALLELUJAH TO GOD.!!

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Welcome to the Worthy family,

Yes I`ll praise the Lord with you,

"Glory to you Lord, how wonderful you are, never changing, always there, without spot, yet willing to die for us.

I`ll never cease to give you the praise & the glory & the honour for you are indeed Worthy, so, so Worthy of all -

rulership, acclamations, kingdoms, authority & power.....Lordship, Kingship, Sonship, ........forever."



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We welcome you and echo your praises, COGTHW.


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    • By lftc
      In another topic, I sought the wisdom of the community here.  I asked what technique people use to resolve difficult to understand scriptures.  I got many great answers.  Here is result:
      Primary Sources:
      - Rely on God - He is supreme and He will speak - Spirit is trustworthy
      - Scripture Alone is claimed as the sole source by some
      - Within the scriptures, determination must be made as to which passage(s) contain the primary message, there after using that passage to understand other passages.
      Secondary Sources:
      - Counselors, direct contact and remote, play a role, but you must have a rubric (logic structure) with which to evaulate them.  Their role is primarily to help with understanding the context of the whole of scripture.
      - Positional Authority (church government) has a high hurdle to jump to qualify as a source - if force is involved the hurdle is too high
      I am posting it again as the original post was so long that I think I lost readers.
      I just want to see if this makes sense to most people.  Click the reaction icon at the lower right to indicate what you think of this list of decision points.
    • By Behold
      Some born again believers have the idea that to please God you are to "carry your cross" and "endure to the end"..
      This is their idea of how to please God.
      Let me assure you, Saint.... that is not how you please God.   You do not please God by working out your salvation with fear and trembling.   You do not please God by confessing all your sins.  You do not please God by your behavior, tho you can displease Him by your lifestyle and your purpose in life.
      See and understand that doing what is right, (personal Holiness)..... all of this is defined in the New Testament as your "reasonable service".  Romans 12:1 
      This is sort like the idea of a professional Olympic athlete doing a serious workout every day.    IT's the idea of "well of course, what else would i and should I be doing".
      So, you are not "pleasing" God, by doing what you should be doing .....   You are just  doing the work that you are supposed to be doing, given the situation.
      This is "discipleship", and you are expected to do it.   And it actually has nothing to do with pleasing God.
      So, if doing what is expected of you, as a servant of the Most High is not what gives God pleasure, then what do you do to give Him Pleasure?
      Do you want to?
      Then here you go....
      Well, its like anything else that you learn to do.  You have to know, first, what to do, and then the rest follows....... if you are willing.
      So, what is it that you are created for, that gives God Pleasure. ???  And so... once you know this<> then you can do it.    And perhaps you are doing it, but there are many believers who don't know the answer, so how can they perform what Gives the Most High, pleasure, if they don't know how, or what to do?
      Here are some scriptures that will help you to see. ..
      Isaiah 43:21 :  "this people have i formed FOR MYSELF, = they, you, the born again, all.....shall show forth my PRAISE".
      John 4:23 : "true worshipers shall WORSHIP the Father in Spirit and in Truth"..
      I Peter 2:9 :  "But the BORN AGAIN are a chosen generation, a Royal Priesthood, that the SAVED should show forth their PRAISES to GOD who has has called you out of darkness and into His marvelous LIGHT". 
      Hebrews 13:15  : "let us offer the sacrifice of Worship & PRAISE = the FRUIT of our Lips"...as with such sacrifices GOD IS WELL = PLEASED.
      Now, do you see that?
      Let me give it to you again,  crystal clear, so that you can see it and see it more clearly.
      In this world of born again believers, you have types...    And one type is Martha...    And one type is Mary..
      Do you remember  Lazarus and his sisters?   Do you remember when Jesus Wept ?   Do you remember what he told Martha?  ?????   He told her " you are too busy doing nothing that pleases me". "you are working, working, busy, busy, busy, striving, self effort, and all THIS its not to me pleasure you are giving"..   But MARY........See her?   She was giving the Master "pleasure".  She wasn't working. SHE was in awe of being with Him,  and in a complete state of worshipful praise sitting at Jesus's FEET.
      Martha is the Legalist.  She is the one who is trying to work her way into the presence of Jesus and is failing to get there.  While Mary is in awe of the Grace of God's Son, who IS Grace, and she just wants to LOVE HIM WITH HER PRAISE and worship Him in His presence.
      = Answer.) This is how you Give God pleasure.  This is how you do it the way HE wants you to do it.
      So, are you a Mary?   or are you a Martha?
      The specific type you are determines if you are giving your Father and your Savior , pleasure............or not.
    • By Abby-Joy
      This song really ministers to me, especially when I'm going through a long fierce storm.  
    • By Pekoudah
      The Holy Spirit is IN a person who is born again. It is Christ IN us. But it takes going to the throne of grace to get the FULL measure of grace. We need to further enter into someone who isn't us....Jesus Christ Himself. It's like the 10 lepers who were healed but only one came back to Jesus. ALL were indeed healed. But there was a selfishness in the other 9 as in...I got what I came for. (Come and get YOUR miracle today).

      The Christian walk is about pressing on to maturity. But even maturity is at different levels.

      Imagine going for a long walk...say 30 miles. Some people could do that in a day. But then another person takes 2 days....because he is also carrying 80 pounds on his back. So who must be in the better shape?

      That's the way it is with the narrow path. Some people seem to have a harder time of it...but their calling is higher. We can be as mature as can be...but maturity in the spiritual walk of purity (holiness) is something vastly different. The walk of the righteous person is one thing...but to walk as Jesus walked for any length of time is miraculous. Can a man walk on water as if he was walking on land?

      So then I divide maturity in righteousness...becoming more loving, more forgiving...getting to know God better. That's good...very good. (And it is very necessary) And that's one thing....but then there's maturity IN the Spirit which is like getting used to living on another planet. What makes a person at home on earth does not automatically make a person able to survive in another world. Of course righteousness and holiness are related. Learning righteousness helps with a longevity in holiness...even though it doesn't lead to it.

      But the scandal of Jesus Christ is that He didn't just perfect a walk in the power of the flesh for us to grow into or to imitate. He perfected humanity by a higher walk...a spiritual walk, and then brings us into it through translation into Zion in the Spirit. The scandal is that we can never improve ourselves into holiness. Holiness is a gift. Spiritual maturity is how long we can walk in the Spirit. Like how long we can walk on water for.

      If I only spoke about what men can do...I would not be hated for speaking of the the cross of Christ in this way...the break with human kind which separates us from what we can do in our own capabilities...even mature capabilities. But I speak of the unspeakable gift...so I'm hated by many. The gift of God is the perfection of Christ's humanity given to us already perfected...as a gift. His perfect walk...as a gift. No improvements are required. It's the whole enchilada right away. That is what grace is. A gift of an eternal walk in an eternal life....not our life...but as partakers of HIS life. So the spiritual maturity is learning to walk IN someone else...not yourself.

      Hard to believe? Absolutely. Not of this world. But there it is!

      Having said all that...God loves us who walk after Him in the fear of Him and the hope of a future life with Him. We are saved not just by an active faith in the moment but also a living hope in the long race. God works with us...and guides us by His Spirit. We are His people who obey His commands and seek after Him.
      And then there's the saints...
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