Objective morality

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On 1/13/2017 at 8:49 AM, Bonky said:

Let me see if I'm making sense here.  I've admitted before I'm not educated or moral arguments so I'm probably going to fail.  If we were lions, then rape or killing wouldn't really be immoral because we wouldn't have the capacity to consider our actions and the consequences of those actions.  So that would be kind of analogous to flipping coins.  The issue is we're NOT lions, we have advanced brains/nervous system that allows us to consider our actions and how it impacts us and those around us.   We are social creatures and how we interact with each other goes a long way into stabilizing our communities.  Some where along the line we figured out that we can not only survive but have an enjoyable time doing it.  

Maybe this goes closer to your issue. Yes we are not lions, but neither are we evolved monkeys as well.

We are created beings made in God's image on the one hand but fallen morally and spiritually from that ideal on the other. Born again Christians have some of that image restored, but living socially amongst fallen humanity only guarantees clashes. Our main purpose to humanity is to be a witness for the Gospel ..not social change. We'd rather see a change in ones' heart/nature through the new birth, then positive social change will occur.


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