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    • By Light1414
      So Goodmorning beothers and sisters , i decide tonopen an account here since i am not a memeber of a church but i consider myself a christian, i recently started gettling closer and closer to our lord jesus christ and i stopped my sinful ways and i have been resisting the devil, and lately ive felt attacked by him, i developed a disease and two days ago i was sleeping when i woked up to a loud diabloical roar in my room my two babies were asleep with my husband but i guess i was the only one aware of it. The second night i was in sleep paralysis and i saw i black shadow next to my bed wanting to pull me to itself, it wanted to drag me out of the bedand i couldnt scream and i wanted to say jesus help me but i couldnt and when i finally could that thing just left and i woked up to reality  which seemed like a real dream. Im scared i dont know if getting closer to god is attracting all this things.
    • By arteaga
      Guys as true followers of Christ I wanted to tell you guys how important spiritual warfare is, not many are going to make it in our fathers army, so please give everything you've got to our father, and to read the Bible and really take what Jesus was teaching his disciples very serious, the physical world isn't meant for us to have fun, infact that's what satan wants from us to distract us from our father and his orders, spirit to another spirit please let other Christians know as we have more knowledge of what's really going on in the world and could really spread the message of how not many people are taking life extremely seriously as it should be, please share to other Christians as I've noticed not many actually follow what the Bible is trying to tell us which is to always obey God, life isn't meant to have fun or be easy, and Jesus basically tells you how to be a spiritual warrior from what he was teaching his disciples, but don't only go half way, commit to it! it's not going to be easy but we are talking about eternal life here. Share so that we can spread this message of importance to save us!
    • By Rahulindia
      Check this pins for spiritual growth......
    • By Phoenix777
      Hi, everyone. I'll get right to the point... I find it difficult to meet people with whom I have things in common... Or even relate to. Seems like most people these days have lost all sense of integrity, morals and standards...and they don't even know how to have an intelligent, deep conversation.
      I have recently joined a new church (well, not new but it's new to me),so hopefully I will meet some people there.
      But in the meantime, if any of you are interested in a good friend, please send me a message. I don't check the forums much so pm is probably better. I am also in the chat room from time to time, although I haven't been on here at all much lately. 
      Looking forward to hearing from you! God bless 🙏
    • By FollowerOfTheWay
      Is there any spiritual truthseekers in this forum who have eventually met Christ?
      The Title of this post is actually refering to me. I am a spiritual truthseeker who are turning into a Christian more and more.
      I have have come very far in the quest of knowing the truth, or rather jumping in and out of different truths without knowing what the real truth is. I want to know the truth so badly and I want to live in it forever. I already know much about New Age and the Christian faith. I know the depth of it all and have been into both separately. But now I am into both at the same time. I am mixing both and make them fit each other. Maybe I am creating a new spiritual movement out of this, or maybe I am just confused? It is not easy to stay on one track as all the tracks seems so true and so good. I am spiritual but confused. I want to KNOW, not just BELIEVE. Help me!