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    • By anxietygal101
      Hello Everybody,
      I am a 16 year old girl currently dealing with very bad health anxiety. I have frequent heart palpitations and extra heart beats and it is terrifying and i live in constant fear of dying. I pray everynight for help and I will never loose faith in my Lord but please, can you pray for me? I want to feel normal again. If there is any specific prayer I should say to help with anxiety, please let me know! Thank you. ❤️
    • By turtletwo
      I thought this to be a 'worthy' subject ( pun intended.) In this thread we can ponder on the importance of prayer and especially God's view on it.  Please join in posting scriptures, sharing helpful comments, etc.
    • By Keny
      Hello brothers and sisters!
      I would like to ask you to join me in prayer for the youth and for God to reveal his presence in America! We need to fight the spirit that is trying to destroy America by calling on the name of Jesus!
      Brother in Christ 
      Keny !
    • By sararodriguez232
      Hello i am new here i need spiritual help I've been sinning listening to secular music having a bad temper and being rude i feel like i need help i have been praying but i don't see a difference please give me advise
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