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God cant fix everything.

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I hear you brother. I do understand.

"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, yet have not Love..."

Many of the historical great men of God had continual anguish of soul. Even some prophets I read about had a lifetime of anguish. Jeremiah for one. Isiah is another.

Life can really SUCK. This I know, but am thankful that this life will pass. All I have to do is hang on by a thread... and if that thread breaks and I feel myself falling, I can only hope that Yeshua is a good catcher.

When you have done all you know to do, then I find that God generally comes up with something I had not thought about. Something different. Something new that I had overlooked.

From the perspective of the Thief on the cross near Jesus; he must have been in a similar frame of mind. All lost, convicted, slowly dying in agony without hope - Then the Lord Spoke a Promise! Now I guess he was a very, very surprised and heartened man - even though they came and broke his legs to speed up his death before the first Sabbath of that week. And of course the Passover Sacrifice unfolds from there.

You can choose to have hope. It is based on nothing but choice (and perhaps faith). Just choose is all.

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On 1/11/2017 at 1:59 AM, Sight said:

(I speak of this, not as a flesh-dominated angry heathen, but as someone who walks in the spirit, and focuses on the spirit)

Many personal and public victories occur when a person walks with Jesus, in the Holy spirit. I know I have seen and experienced awesome transitions JUST THIS PAST YEAR in my own development. As a person, most of my posts here were done in the flesh, angry at life, and circumstances.

95% of my 'problems' are fixed when I focus on walking in the spirit rather than responding in the flesh. We are our spirit, not our flesh; the ownership of that belief transforms most people's Christian walks.

Everything about you makes sense when you realize you are a spiritual creature, not a fleshly one. Scripture speaks louder and makes more sense. The world changes (or at least your worldview). Life begins to take a new turn.

...but in the time I have witnessed these changes, there is one thing GOD CANNOT DO. There is one thing Jesus is incapable of doing through his cross...there is one thing Christianity fails in...

You cannot change the past.

And, you cannot change people's past perceptions about you, even though God could be united among us.

And, you cant go back and fix your mistakes.

So the congregation says God is good. Perhaps, to some.

But what of those who have lost? Who have suffered in the past? Who have been hurt? Abused? Molested? killed? Impoverished? Imprisoned? How do you justify yourselves to these who have been hurt? 

I know Christians who have GOOD things happen to them all the time. Prestige. Power. Influence. Friends. Loved ones. Blessings. Peace...

But more people suffer, and I dont care how deep in the spirit you are. I DONT CARE how much scripture you have read. I DONT CARE if you go to Church every sunday and worship. Why do some get less, and some get more.

But, dont bother answering.

NONE OF YOU can answer that question. You know why? Because there is no answer. God is god, life is life.

So here I am, sharing what I've shared with you, just to say this:

If I lose everything unjustly, and my worst enemy surpasses me in all areas, I would be likely to reject the faith and become a reprobate occultist into Freemasonry. I know God is good, and he is just, but he cannot heal my past. He cannot restore my relationships.

The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob cannot fix the past. Some of us had a past life of pain, suffering, and agony, and cant do anything about it. What makes God so special that he can RIGHT every WRONG done in the past?

I ask this...as a born again Christian who got baptized in the holy spirit, and speaks in tongues.

I know what I'm talking about. I want to see if any of YOU know what you're talking about.

Truth be told, I'm not expecting much.


time as constantly flowing forward cannot be stopped or turned back; of course this doesn't mean that God couldn't turn back time to a previous moment, but if He does it, then He will break the order of things; for example, if He turns back time in order to cause the evils that have been done/have happened to be undone/not happen, then He won't manage to cause those things to have not happened, because they have already happened and the fact that they have already happened cannot be changed; or if He changes what had happened, then the (order of the) eternal judgment will be broken - so, to this point i am in something like an agreement with some things you say

but what i said here does not mean that God cannot remove evil from all people and souls, and bring them to good relationships - in principle He can, but He has been in struggle with the "darkness" since the beginning of the eternity, and therefore has (against His will) kind of fallen into a millennia-long state of incomplete wakefulness since the seventh day, because there have not been enough witnesses to witness against the "darkness", which is why centuries later He said "remember the sabbath to keep it holy", which means the spiritual servants have to work for overall salvation in Him to hasten it(s process) - and the good news is that every person could participate as a spiritual servant/worker in the works of the true Saints, however, this requires manifestation of serious/earnest enough attitude on the part of the participator, because the true faith is never a minus, but spiritual unrighteousness/lawlessness/wickedness (such as that of the pharisees presented in the Bible) is a definite minus, for it is the original and very sin, i.e. the sin of the sins, the evil of evils, the cause of the causes, the iniquity of iniquities, vanity of vanities, etc.


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While God cannot change the past. He uses the past in our lives for our good. Yes, even the bad and hurtful things. Like when Joseph's brother sold him into slavery. They meant it for evil but God meant and used it for good (Gen. 50:20).

Bad things do happen to all. Some are the result of the consequence of sin other bad stuff is because we live in a fallen world that is awaiting its redemption - just like we all who have sinned and fall short of the glory of God have been redeemed by the love and sacrificial love offering of Jesus Christ. 

We are told in Romans 8:28 that God works all things for good - not some things, but all things for good to THOSE who have been called according to His purpose. What is this calling? It is following the Lord in obedience, being conformed into the image of Jesus Christ.  This is God's will and purpose for all of us. 


While God cannot change the past - He uses it. He tells us that His grace is sufficient for us (2 Cor. 12:9). In other words He does not gives us or judge us based on our sinfulness and rebellion even as believers, but gives us grace. This grace comes in forms of blessing that are far greater than anything material. Grace of mercy, grace of forgiveness, grace of unconditional love and acceptance regardless that we do not deserve any of it. So instead of dwelling on what others have or do not have, or why some seem to be blessed and others aren't, or even why those who are opposed to God seem to be prospering. Think rather on what God is doing in YOUR life. Life isn't fair and in this world we will have trouble (John 16:33) or don't be shocked that you may go through trials (1 Pt. 4:12). 


This world is a world of suffering - but we are not of this world. This is NOT our home and one day for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior will have an eternal home of blessing and goodness beyond what we can ever imagine. That is our hope and should be our motivation to live our lives to the glory of God and then when we fall (and we will) taking it to the cross and asking for forgiveness (1 John 1:9).

May we all use the past to teach us lessons of faith in the future. While we cannot change what has happened we can allow God to let Him use it in us to grow us and mature us in faith and that our faith would be found to be genuine when He returns or when we face Him in heaven.

So yes - God DOES fix everything if we allow Him to. Peace and Grace

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The past can be changed by making amends and forgiveness.

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Sight, I pray for you. You are holding on to your anger. 

Real talk here - maybe you have trouble connecting with people because of how you come off and your anger. I have no doubt in my mind that you have suffered some tragedies, but you are placing emphasis on the wrong things. Why can I say this? Because I myself have struggled with anger and I continue to struggle with selfishness. However, when I go before the Lord and speak from my heart I can find peace. I pray that you may find peace as well. 

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On 1/10/2017 at 3:59 PM, Sight said:

The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob cannot fix the past. Some of us had a past life of pain, suffering, and agony, and cant do anything about it. What makes God so special that he can RIGHT every WRONG done in the past?

Because He can...because He is God...that is what makes Him so special.

But if you are insinuating that God cannot fix the pass, you are wrong. All things have become new. Old things have passed away. Forgotten. And if you have not come to know this, you are in no position to speculate. Instead, keep asking questions.

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