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Dog's Go To Heaven-Mark Lowry

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18 minutes ago, other one said:

Google Mary did you know,,,  it is an awesome song.  Mark wrote the words and Buddy Green pit it to music.


It is a beautiful song, one of my favorites. :thumbsup:

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40 minutes ago, Running Gator said:

I am not sure there is a normal.   What is the age of the people in question? The answer would be different for someone in their 50s than in their 20s.   As people age some have less interest in such things.

I think either time on spouse or the other has no interest in intimacy with their spouse there would be cause for concern.   The wife might think that she is no longer physically attractive, or she might suspect cheating.  

A lot depends on the communication level of the couple.  For the first decade of my marriage (or longer if you ask my wife :laugh:) I was terrible at expressing my feelings to her, especially feelings that were negative or seemed "weak".  This was the result of my upbringing and being a Marine. But it caused problems and I had to get over it.


On 3/23/2017 at 10:28 AM, Logan said:



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