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Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Thanks. I appreciate the effort. But I am using a finicky 4.0 with the compatibility setting. I did the trial period 15 and was unimpressed. A couple added features (smiles and eye and nose adjustments) but several elements I have missing that 4.0 had. I also had 7.0 which is a complete disappointment which I use only when I have to (4.0 sometimes doesn't work no matter what). 

I doctored this one up to get attention for the scripts I am trying to sell to Supergirl. This is a photo of the cast plus a couple producers winging their way to the San Diego COMIC CON now playing. Before:


DFSpLZKU0AAuCsR.jpg large.jpg

After (which I subtitled "Okay, who's driving the bus?" )





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