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Why Risk Trust?

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Codes of Conduct

Many Christian companies have codes of conduct that are safeguards against the temptations of emotional or physical affairs with coworkers. Here are some examples: 

1. People of the opposite sex should not ride in a car together without a third party present.

2. Don’t make personal (non-work related) phone calls to a coworker of the opposite sex.

3. Don’t have lunch with the same person every day. Move around the lunchroom or break-room and if you go out to a restaurant, go in a group.

4. Make sure that your e-mails and other correspondence are not suggestive, inappropriate, or flirtatious.

5. Talk about your spouse in positive terms, making it clear that you’re married and intend to stay that way.

6. Be careful not to make any lingering eye contact. (Also know as “bedroom eyes.”)

7. The only appropriate touch between business associates of the opposite sex is a handshake.

Business Travel

And here are a few guarding hedges to plant around your business travel:

1. If your job requires traveling with another employee of the opposite sex, do not get adjoining hotel rooms. If possible, request a room on a different floor.

2. If you have to meet with that person, get together in the coffee shop or the lobby. Not your room.

3. Call your spouse every night at a designated time and give him or her full permission to call your cell phone — anytime.

4. Block out all adult TV channels. Most hotels give this option on the remote control. But if they don’t, call the front desk and ask them to disable those channels.  If this is a big temptation for you, don’t even turn on the TV.

Discuss these lists with your spouse and add any other things you feel are necessary. Then, give your mate permission to correct you if you go out-of-bounds. Also, know that the best defense against an office affair is a healthy marriage. Be aware of other ways your workplace or career could be a stumbling point for the general health of your marriage and then resolve to address those potential areas of weakness.

According to an Orange County Register article titled “Workplace a Hazard to Marriage”, working with people of the opposite sex can be hazardous to your marriage.  If you, as a woman, worked with all women, your chances for a divorce would be much lower than if you worked with mostly men. If, however, you’re a married woman and you work with mostly single or newly divorced females, your divorce risk is much higher than if your coworkers were married.

If you’re in a workplace that’s a landmine of temptation or if many of your coworkers are swingin’ singles, be on guard.

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