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Qun Mang

When should a pastor step down from pastoring?

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My intent for this question was to get a general answer as to when a pastor should be disqualified from pastoring, at least for a time (I was going to add "or from the church" but that probably cannot be answered as churches may have different bylaws to follow aside from a biblical mandate).  I apologize for straying off into "should this particular pastor have been disqualified?" territory.  The most specific the question should have asked (if even this) was perhaps if this particular sin (at the time, since repented) might have been cause for disqualification.  What led me to asking was a friend on facebook, once in a small group with me many years ago, posting links to a couple op-eds/blog posts (not favorable ones either) about this pastor brought on by recent news.  It made me wonder about what should disqualify a pastor outside of sexual sin or theft.  Again, my apologies for taking a a little down the road to the personal which of course can then qualify as gossip.

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