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Advice needed

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21 hours ago, HisFirst said:

Is this guy a Brother?

If so, I don't hold much sympathy for Christian men who play the secular game - this guy is playing you and taking you for granted  also a friendship between you and his wife so you can still be "around"......?

Cut the ties completely - how dare he do this to his wife and you.

Get right with God and leave him be.

Sorry I'm blunt but guys(Brothers)  like this make me mad .

As far as telling his wife what happened: reverse the situation and what if a woman was friendly with you, all the while keeping back the fact that your husband propositioned her. If you found out, how would you feel toward her and your husband? I know how I would feel. Betrayed. Personally, this woman needs to know what type of man she's married to. You could be one of many women he chats up through social media. 

This isn't a good situation and its ongoing - you feel bad obviously, that's understandable and it could be that this feeling is present because God wants it resolved.

God will not leave your side, a repentant heart is pleasing to God - like I have said before, you need to walk away from this couple - 




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On 6/19/2017 at 1:06 PM, abrooks429 said:

Hi! I hate to even type this out but..to give you a background story I had an "emotional affair" with another man through Facebook about 6 years ago. He ultimately asked if we could turn things physical and I said no.  I recently told my husband about this and we are still healing from this even though he has been completely forgiving and supportive. It's actually me right now that is having a hard time letting go of the wrong I did. Since then the man's family has even moved to the same town we live in and his wife and I have become somewhat friends but I wouldn't consider her really close but we have talked a good bit.  My question is, I have already confessed to my husband and asked God for forgiveness, am I biblically obligated to tell the wife? I have just been depressed about this issue lately. I have pulled away from the wife so I don't make things complicated but we do sort of run in the same social circle.  I believe as a Christian that you can "fall from Grace" so I want to do everything right by God. I am currently depressed and feel like a horrible person. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! 


I will be praying for you and your marriage! Stay strong as you did right in saying no.  Good job lady.

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