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Will you need to give up everything to follow Jesus?

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Epicurus    0

The real question is why would you want to bow down to someone else? Do you think it's right to love someone you've never met over your parents? Who gave you life, the most precious of all gifts? Then raised you with selfless love?

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brakelite    326

God will never ask anything of you that would be in your best interest to keep. Nor will He withold from you anything which would be for your benefit.

Giving up everything means you relinquish your own rights and personal ambitions motivated by self interest that God, in His wisdom may recreate you as a new creature with motives and aspirations that center or focus on doing good for others. 

Bottom line...God as your Creator as every conceivable right to do whatever He likes with you. But because He loves you with such a fierce passion He will only take from you that which you offer. He will never impose Himself on you nor coerce you to do anything against your own desires. If you want to carry on in sin, He will allow you to do that, but you will have to face the consequences. If you want to be free from addictionsb bad habits and sin, He will do that also, and the consequence of eternity beyond your imagination. 

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