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The Harm of using the King James Bible!

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I have learning disabilities, difficulty in reading and always losing my place.  KJV is not my first choice either.  I started with Amplified but prefer any literal version.  New King James, World English Version,  New American Standard, English Standard Version, Literal Version,  Analytical-Literal Translation, and Young's Literal Translation are the ones I frequently refer to and have.  I prefer the Byzantine Text to the critical text.  But if NIV works for you, I can only encourage you to read it.  It is better to memorize from a more literal translation, but if it between reading NIV and not at all, do read NIV.  After reading AMP New Testament I was given a very nice Revised Standard Version in the 50s.  It  was not the best translation, but God saved me anyhow and taught me the truths I needed to hear.  God is faithful.  



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On 7/15/2017 at 0:06 AM, Jeff2 said:

It matters if you understand it. Many do not.

Keep in mind that what you understand, is not what others comprehend. Many cults use the King James Old English as a tool to keep their people in ignorance. Some people just depend on what they are told the passages mean, because they cannot understand what they are saying.

If the King James works for you, go for it! Yet, many have substantial reasons why they trust a modern translation to be better. Comprehension is just one factor to consider; for some people it is not much of a barrier.

May be KJV is in Early Modern English. It is all right if some people understand it. But the very idea of understanding the Bible is interesting. It is probably never complete. When I reread it in different modern languages the result is the same. There is something very important and new what I had missed. 

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