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High-protein / Low-carb fruit smoothie

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5ozs plain greek yogurt

5ozs lowfat cottage cheese

1 to 2ozs plain coconut milk

2 cups frozen berries

3 tbsp MCT oil

2 to 3 droppers sweetleaf vanilla stevia (or sweetleaf english toffee stevia)

1 tbsp integral collagen

Blend and enjoy!! I kinda got my cottage cheese and greek yogurt really cold in the freezer first. 


Adjust amounts to your taste... this is something I threw together tonight and it was SO GOOD!  I usually use vanilla stevia but I accidentally put in English toffee stevia ... it was really good, lol ..... and another thing I do that most here might not have is that I add in one packet of Plexus Slim. (It is berry flavor, all natural, organic, non-GMO... uses stevia for sweetness.)  But if you don't have that, it's still really good!

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