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The beast of Rev chapter 13

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On ‎18‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 8:36 AM, Daniel 11:36 said:

The 10 kings will be of Middle Eastern culture .... not ancient Rome

And the two horns [men] will be of Islamic position [Sunni and Shiite]

The beast of Revelation 13 is Abaddon/Apollyon who has ruled 5 Middle Eastern kingdoms in the past and will come out of the abyss to rule again during the 70th week decreed for Israel .... first the 6th and then the 7th expanded

He will inhabit the human little horn of Daniel's visions 

Hi Daniel,

I agree with some of your thoughts.

 - Satan, is the one who will inhabit the `little horn` the leader who starts off with `little ` power. Horns represent power in God`s word.

- the 10 kings of Middle eastern Culture. (Islam)

- the Sunni and Shiites, - but are the two parts of the `divided kingdom,` Islam. (Dan. 2: 41 `the kingdom shall be divided...`)

The two horns, on the other `beastly person,` are representative of two powers of the one person, the false prophet who has control of the economic and religious aspects of the Global government. (economic - buying and selling, taking the mark, & the religious - making people worship the leader.)

Need to distinguish between the Political leader and the charismatic (religious) Economist. The false prophet is not just the leader of the religious but also of the Economy. That is why the religious side can be abolished and the false prophet still operate. The 10 kings get rid of the apostate religion, (whore) and the false prophet/economist turns people to the leader to worship him.

regards, Marilyn.

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Jesus talks about "Blasphemy" in the context of daniel's beasts/things in Matthew 22:17-21.  The War with God that exists with man, shifts in the New Testament, into a form of a "blind and dumb" death.  The War is with the ignorant (or ignorance) and unclean (or heresies), not with God mercies or judgments.  "Seven and Ten", is a statement about God or the "70x7", we see frequently.

"Son of Perdition/Antichirst/Blasphemy", that is man's natural state, has not value with God.  For that reason, the "Man Child" of Revelation with the "Rod of Joseph", can be equated to the prayers of the saints in the censor,the angel offers to drive out the evil spirits (just about wrapped up for now).


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Hi Marilyn

Don't forget that the beast and the false prophet are fallen angels operating though designated men .... this is important to know

The beast is Abaddon and the false prophet will operate though two other men [Revelation 13]


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