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Amazing Horse

Testimony of Amazing Horse

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This is testimony of  Amazing Horse saved by grace of Lord Jesus Christ

Background - Who i was before i was born again .

I remember one of my first sins , i was very young maybe 3 or so years old , my mom gave me to her female friend which was living next door on the same floor as our flat . My mom was surprised that i was very calm when her friend was babysitting me , i know i did that because i liked boobs of my mom's friend and i pretend to play while trying to touch them . That was my either one of first sins or first sin  , the lust of flesh after boobs (she was more than 25 years old ).


Since i remember i was always overthinking stuff , i would ask my grandpa for example why can't country just print money to pay for thier expenses , do they have some limits or something ? It was troubling me because i knew that insystem isolated from the environement ( i didn't call it this way , i called it inside of circle which nothing can escape ) , if only 100$ existed and it was in bank , when i borrow it i would need to pay something like 105$ back to bank , but there is no 105$ in existance so bank would need to print 5$ money so i could work for it and then pay them back . It looked to me like slavery because i would need to work and bank would not need to work  and it was troubling me .

When I went to school I started to curse because everybody in my class would do it so did I . Somewhere in the middle of school i realised that maybe insteed of doing my homework myself and letting others to copy from me , It would be easier to just copy from others and do nothing like my friends were doing . So i stopped to study anything because everything what was in school was very boring to me .

I was never good at anything in school and the only thing which i liked -math was too hard for me , because i have ability in my brain to change last two numbers like i would see answer 721 on my calculator and i would write down 712 , after a while i started to automaticly correct myself and changing last two numbers so it can be correct but it was not 100% success rate so when i got to calculus i failed miserably.

I am introvert because . I always forced myself to talk about stupid things with my friends just to pretend that im one of them but in reality i really did not care about what they talk about . I did not care about cars ,  I did not care about kicking ball by some guy on TV . Since I did not have interests in anything in school or with friends  I escaped to video games . I would start with some mmorpgs but then i moved to League of Legends which took my main hours of my youth life . I could play about 10 hours a day , I got to the point that I would eat , sleep , masturbate and play video games 10 hour a day while still being able to pass all school because I somehow had ability to pass exams even while being on only 51% of  hours ( below 50% you would fall out of school ,I calculated it so few teachers were very angry at me ) .

When I went to high school I started to think about God , I knew from my youth that God exist because my family was Roman Catholic and we went to church often . One time i deny God because of girl i met who was atheist but repented after that and she did not like me afterwards . I started to think about what will happen when I die , would i just stop exist or would i go to hell ? I knew that i could not go to heaven because from my point of view I would be damned to hell , as  Roman Catholic i knew that sin gets you to hell and i could not stop sinning , i could not stop curse or masturbate or lie to people . I was tired of living with guilt all the time and crying for forgivness every night to not go to hell .

It was troubling me , because of my reaserch from very young years I knew about evolution being not true , I knew of pre-flood civilisations , i knew of forgotten technology used for creating pictures drilled in stone seen only from sky and all of other stuffs . I even knew about God , Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ  but I did not know who God is or how to be saved. I got to the point that I was thinking that i'm going to hell so i might aswell try and stop sinning so i locked myself in my room little by little to the point that i was lying about being sick and ending up with not leaving house for 90 days or so . I gave up to going to church because it was pointless i could not stop sinning anyways and was damned to hell.

I would wake in my dream and tell myself that i'm dying and that i need to wake up , my brain would be fully awake but my body always still paralysed ( because body need to do it to relax when you fall asleep ) , so i would choke untill my body wake up for about mine and then could not fall asleep after that . I got scared of sleeping and i would sleep only during day which was impossible while going to school at the same time , so that is second reason why i was skipping almost 50% of my school , to just sleep .


How I found God

I did not find God he found me , I gave up after 7 years of playing League of Legends because i just got bored of it . I started to put more of my free time into looking at pre-flood Egypt artifacts but there was so much junk on youtube about aliens and other wicked stuff that I would need to clear my browsing history to remove youtube's cookies so I won't keep finding these useless alien videos again . I knew that God created earth not some stupid aliens . Somehow when i was 21 years old this year in May I was not seeking after God , I somehow having no search history ( I would clean it every 15 min or so ) was in front of video about guy preaching gospel to me for first time in my life . I did not search for it i was looking for Egypt artifacts , I don't even remember how i got to that video It literally must have been put here by God , so I just watched it and he preach gospel of salvation first time in my life i heared it , never in church and never from anybody in my family . So i keep watching it , it was very detailed 1 hour + long and that guy defined what is the gospel and showed it to me . I realised that this guy knows something so i went to his older videos and picked from the oldest ones from like 2015 , i watched them all and it took me about 7 days or so to realise that I was wrong for the whole time about salvation and God . So i prayer prayer in my own words saying " Blood of Jesus Christ clean me " and then i realised that it was PAID IN FULL . I had to not do anything and it's done , i choke right now when i write it , it was done . I realised that it's free gift but it was really that easy why nobody ever told me it , I always though that Gospels are Matthew Mark Luke John and i read them little by little , but the true gospel of salvation is in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 .

I went to sleep and had dream . I was lying on my back on my bed , but i felt like i was under water , but even tho I did not see the water I knew that it was blood but I was under it because i could feel the pressure of that blood in my ears , slowly drowning me inside of it . I was both outside of me so i could look at it and inside of me so i could felt it , then something came into my chest and i felt so light as feather ( I never felt like that because i'm really fat due to that livestyle ) and then i said  " I love you Jesus " and i woke up . I knew that I now had eternal life .

Next few days I would literally do nothing , I just sit on my chair and look at sky for whole days  untill i passed away because i was so relaxed and happy that i could not nor did want to do anything .

After few days passed i started to feel hungry , so i stuffed myself with some junk food but i was still hungry even tho i  was full . I was hungry for Word of God .

I started to Read whole gospel of Matthew and John , i was really excited somehow that i'm reading the words spoken by Jesus , compared to reading it previously multiple times .

Then I went to Bible study and went through Matthew and John with bible teacher who was explaining this to me verse by verse . I decided to ask God to teach me all things  by Holy Spirit as is written in John 14:26 .

So he did . I was doing verse by verse study and that teacher was comparing different gospels with each other so i went to Luke 22:42 and Prayed like Jesus that God's will be done and not mine , so he did .

Next day I was really happy , I decided to go outside to buy myself new pair of glasses , when i came back I lost my way to make money and also I lost about 10% of what i had invested ( I was trading digital currency and game currency ) .

I was very depressed but I knew that was God's will so the next day i moved on and read more Bible . I started to study and found that there is that strange mystery that i have been never teached - Rapture .

Next few days I would be back to waking up multiple times every night ( I went back to sleeping at night ) because I was scared of it , took me like week to get used to it that thing like rapture exist .

I would read Bible from the time i wake up to the time i go sleep , because I was still hungry . I was reading and watching verse by verse studies  that I did not realise that i skipped a month . I literally was sure that it's June and it was July . After about 100 days i finally got tired and exchausted so i stopped for a while . I went to some christian forum to relax and talk with others but i found here many of people who were lost just like i was lost for whole life , so i preach gospel to them . I used to preach to Catholics because I myself came from that church but they really hated me , they hated truth that it's in the bible which they never read just like I was never reading it whole life myself . So they reported me multiple times because they could not stand that every answer from me was based on bible verse .

I went to different forum but this time i was not preaching to catholics but that forum had multiple denominations so i was sure that i will find peace here .

I was still reported multiple times by people who don't like what it's written in Bible , they blame me for giving them truth or pretent that it's not here . Looks to me that people like to take parts of bible to make thier denomination and just stick to it rather than taking whole bible as one package .

I still manage to post like 1000 posts in week before getting banned but then God let me know about the last days that we are in , so insteed of trying to argue with people over internet i went to share gospel tracts with my neighbours . I moved my fat ass outside and shared it with people .

So i finally can sleep at night , i stopped choking to death every night and i'm not stressed . I even stopped eating my nails ( I don't even know when ) . I stopped playing video games and learned how to share money with poor .

Still have many things to overcome but it's good start .


Sorry for grammar mistakes . English is not my first language .

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Praise God. Your on your way to Zion.

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