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Where were you  when you heard about 9/11 ?

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B3L13v3R    1,085

I was working with another man building a garage. At the time, it was not far from the Dover AFB.
When I saw a number of B-52 Stratofortress with escorts of fighter jets armed to the teeth flying by, I knew it was something major. We found out a short time later.

This is part of an outside Ocean City MD memorial with a piece of the World Trade Center in memory the Firefighters that died on that fateful day:

Close up of the plaque:

It's a bit faded, It reads:
Once a part of the World Trade Center,
  this twisted piece of steel rest here
    as an enduring memorial to the
343 New York City Firefighters who
perished in their desperate attempt
to save lives on September 11, 2001.
         We will never forget.

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Davida    6,838

My spouse was at work where they had a Newsfeed on a monitor & called me a few minutes after the first plane hit the first Tower to turn on our TV. It was surreal , we had a 42 inch tv at the time & I was standing horrified & watched as the 2nd plane hit a few minutes later. When I saw the damage of the first one I thought it had to be intentional. I began praying.  

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